SOTU 608... Art and Creativity


Jan 11, 2012
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Northern California
This week we celebrate Art and Creativity

A week to express all your creativity and imagination. Have fun exploring, imagining and creating.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. Thomas Merton

Now, how can we do this? :
  • Cover any songs that mention art or artists,or that refer to the creative process, or lack of creative process. (Art and artists include all the arts, both visual, literary and preforming arts, as well)

  • Cover any songs that mention tools of the artist, sculptor, dancer, songwriter, musician, poets, theater…. (You get the idea, I hope...)

  • Original songs also welcomed.

Let’s enjoy this week. I know that everyone has a lot of creative energy, and I am looking forward to seeing inspiration and creative expression.
Anyone entering for the first time gets bonus points. I know it can seem scary to post your first song, but really, it is so much fun, and you will be glad that you gave it a try.

This week there are only a few rules…after all it is all about being creative!
  • Make sure your video says somewhere that it's for season 608
  • The ukulele should be included, but all instruments are welcome.

  • Please post only newly recorded songs for this Season. (Except for Rob)

  • If you do post an original song, please post the lyrics with your video.

  • The season runs from Sunday, October 8th to October15th Hawaiian time.

  • Have fun and enjoy the journey.

608 Playlist

Three prizes this week: This week, there will be three winners, and each person will receive one matted print from my original paintings. (see below) I have three 5” by 7” prints, in 8”by 10” double mats.

three prints.jpg

Intrinsic Spirit.jpgDreamHarmony.jpgHeart and Soul.jpg
Thanks for hosting, Denise ... and your first time; it'll be fun! A great theme and gorgeous prizes!
Great theme and super prizes. I especially like the purple uke one.
Hi Denise. Thanks for hosting! I enjoyed looking at your art and detected a bit of a cubist influence. That made me think of this song by Irish songwriter Luka Bloom. It's about Picasso's second wife Jacqueline. Considered one of his greatest muses. Baritone uke amplified here.
I was at a small local ukulele festival thing yesterday (Saturday), and one group played that well-known cheery Beatles song about a serial killer, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". It meets both current themes, so I did a quickie after returning from today's (Sunday) post-fest jam. I think the after-dark spooky look suits this song.

In verse 3, our antihero stands alone in the courtroom, "painting testimonial pictures".

First thought.... Art Garfunkel 🤣

What a wonderful kick off to this week! Great songs and energy already going. The creative juices are flowing! It will be a fun week ahead. (Also, remember that Season 607 is till going on today too.)​

[B]pabrizzer[/B]: Brian, what a wonderful song to open this weeks Season 608 with! You blew me away, so poignant and touching. I also love the paintings by Ben Quilty, who is a new artist to me.​

Flatbaroque: Another perfect song for this week! Your amplified uke and your emotions singing works so well with this song. From what I have read Picasso was not an easy man to live with and they had a turbulent relationship....but many beautiful paintings came out of their time together.​

mythinformed: Thanks for this song Mark, it was the second song that came to my mind when I was thinking p this weeks theme. Your picking is wonderful and sensitive, very beautiful!​

UkeCan1: Fun song for the Season Wendy! Such a cheerful about a serial killer! Love your added percussion and dark setting for this song.​

LimousinLil: This was so nice Val, sung with feeling and emotion. You did a great job on this song...also, perfect for this week!​

Renaissance-Man: Another wonderful song for this weeks theme. Great playing and singing.​

I think that creating art has a lot to do with the community, interaction, sharing, collaboration and support.... so, for this week, comment away, as much as you want inside this thread.... it may make a very messy thread... and since this is my first time hosting, perhaps it will be a messy thread...but I don't mind to give it a try.... (If you think this is a bad idea, just let me know as I am open to all ideas....) I will try and group my comments like I did above, in groups and without the videos attached to make the thread more streamlined....)

Thank you all who have contributed so far!!!

Hi, Denise!

Thank you for stepping up as host. I hope you enjoy your first season in the driving seat!

I've been down with the Covid all week but sheer boredom has won the day over feeling crappy and I've dragged myself off the sofa for a swing at this 10,000 Maniacs tune.
Celebrating the literary branch of artistic creativity, we get references to not only Kerouac but also Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs. Now there's value for money!

One take, straight to phone. I was flying without a lyric sheet so I got a few words wrong (my apologies to the Maniacs, all 10,000 of them...) but I simply didn't have it in me to do another take! Right...back to the sofa...

I had to think really hard which U2 song had the lyric Babe it must be art, and it is this one called Hold me,Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me.
She was a walking piece of art, her body was likely the canvas for multiple artists! - Lydia The Tattooed Lady, most notably performed by Groucho Marx in At The Circus.

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