SOTU 608... Art and Creativity

Forty-five wonderfully creative songs so far this Season, and we are halfway through! I am really enjoying this week, it is a celebration in creativity! I love this quote from Walt Disney: “Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
I think I have everyone up in the Play List so far, but if you don't see your video, please let me know.
Thanks for hosting, Denise. Coming from NorCal, you may like this little song by Space Mtn about photography. It seems to reference people like Ansel Adams working in the Yosemite Valley, and perhaps other photographers working in the world of ultra-thin high fashion models?


Jazzbanjorex: Rex, so wonderful to see you here in the Seasons again....and what a fantastic cover.... Your voice and playing are spot on! Thanks for sharing your talent and contributing to the Seasons this week. Mr. Bojangles is a classic song that is also a perfect fit for this week's challenge.​

mythinformed: I really like this, Mark. "I can hear music" is perfect for this week's theme. A fun song, and I love the rhythm of your strums and energy. One take worked well for you!​

wee_ginga_yin: Cabaret: I have always loved this song, since the first moment I saw it in the movie, so many years ago. I love how you made the song your own! Choose Between Warhol or Bansky: Wonderful production! Creative energy at it's best!​

joo :Mark Rothkp Song: Beautiful cover Joo! This is a sweet, soulful song that I never heard before. I love Mark Rothko's work, (especially his earlier work) he influenced a generation of painters.... I think you captured the essence of the song. Another perfect song for this weeks theme. Chiaroscuro: Super original song!! I loved you presentation and magical energy with this one.... It's so true that chiaroscuro's everywhere! Your creativity is exploding in a wonderful way!

LimousinLil: Wonderful choice for this week,Val. Your version is excellent, just the right amount of emotion! I also like your setting, reminds me of theater curtains and it works so well with this song.​

dr_mitch: Super jazzy blues song, which was missing from this weeks Seasons. What a fun song and presentation. The song made me smile, yes quite "cheeky", and a great addition to this week.​

[B]Yukio[/B]: What a great song, and it's also new to me. Your presentation, vocals and playing are so strong, and everything works well together, it blew me away. Thank you for sharing your talents! This song is perfect for this week. It's hard to imagine our life without photography and it is truly an art-form, yet it has only been around about 200 years....​


My brother Bob wrote this a couple of decades ago and his daughter Steph and I performed it and another of his songs at the Hamilton Art Gallery for a friend's book release.
Tom Thomson was a Canadian painter who died under mysterious circumstances while on a canoe trip in Algonquin Park. He was a mentor to many of Canada's Group Of Seven painters and he probably would have been a member of the group had he still been alive when it was formed. My Grade Five teacher, Miss Miller, introduced me to Thomson's work and had a print of his West Wind hanging in the classroom.
Thomson didn't have his mandolin with him on his last canoe trip and it is now displayed in the Tom Thomson Museum in Owen Sound, Ontario. It is a 12-string, bowl back mandolin with 3 string courses. When Steph and I played this song, I played the mandolin, but mine was an 8 string mando.

Tom T's mandolin 1.jpg Tom T's mandolin 2.jpg


Charles Bukowski wrote a poem about Li Po a chinese poet that he admired and this admiration came from the fact no doubt that Li Po was a notable drunk the same as Bukowski was. You might say they were drinkers with a writing problem for their output was vast

Legend has it that Li Po died embracing the moon—late at night, drunk, in a canoe out on the river, he caught sight of the moon’s reflection, leaped in, and fell into the watery depths and was drowned... the reality is that cirrhosis of the liver was the main cause. This is a recitation of the poem A.D. 701-762 no ukuleles were harmed during the making of this video.

"Great Composers (On TV)", original song for this Season. I realized that everything I know about famous composers I've learned from tv series.


At school, the girls were not talking about punks, but about Verdi, Giuseppe Verdi
Digging tv series and opera was cool, not nerdy
Verdi's second wife was played by ballerina Fracci, Carla Fracci
we were in awe of her and liked the dramas very much-y

There was a series about Wunderkind Mozart,
who travelled with his dad and knew all music by heart
With tied eyes, young Wolfgang could play any chord
on the spinet piano or harpsichord

Life was hard, with some sparks of joy now and then -
that was a mini series about Johann Sebastian Bach
Somehow I must have missed the one about Beethoven
though later in the films I heard a St Bernard bark (woof-woof)

But my favorite series was about Hector Berlioz,
who had awful problems due to his bleeding no-se...

The tv series mentioned in the song were The Life of Verdi (1982), Mozart (1982), Johann Sebastian Bach (1985), La vie de Berlioz (1982)
And woof-woof Beethoven (1992)

mythinformed: Beautiful classic song and you did a wonderful cover of it. This song is not an easy song to do!​

Stoneyrun: Wow, what a perfect song for this week, and your vocals and playing were phenomenal... I loved the presentation, the black and white to fit the song. Super!​

Canada Jim: Beautiful story telling song, as I listened, I was so captivated, waiting to see what came next in his story. I looked Tom Thomson to see his artwork, as he is a new artist to me. Your singing and playing style works so well with the feel of this song.​

Flatbaroque: This is a great cover song. Nice playing and vocals and a perfect song for this week. Also, I love your super relaxed dog!​

pabrizzer: Brian, this is a great original song and beat! Nice moody, blues feel to this song. Also another great song for the theme of this week. Thanks for sharing your talent!

wee_ginga_yin: Wonderful presentation. You have such a great voice for poetry!​

mythinformed: Another great song, lovely picking and playing!​

kolibri: What a wonderful original song for this Season! So much fun in it, and what a unique take "Great Composers on TV", I really enjoyed your creativity and presentation with this one. Brava!​

This morning (California time) we are up to 54 videos for this week…. It continues to be a celebration of creativity and diversity! I am really enjoying the week and learning so much.
Another original of mine, this time noting the frequently found stark contrast between the artist's work (capable of moving the viewer) and the artist's life, which so often is chaotic and unenviable, if not downright loathsome. This was written back in February during FAWM based on a prompt about art and artists.

It's dedicated to our own Joo!

Not the first time I cover this song, but it is a good match for the theme.
Besides, I have been wanting to have a second go at it for a long time :)

Honey Pie was recorded by the Beatles but this song has Paul McCartney written all over it. I doubt any of the other boys contributed anything to the song other than to play on it. Here the singer is missing a girl who has sailed to America to make it big acting on the silver screen in Hollywood. It's a bit of a rough take and I wish you could hear the uke better but it was my best crack at it.

Mine this week is Guy Clark’s “Dublin Blues”. Fits the theme because it mentions the Mona Lisa, the David, and “Columbus Stockade Blues”.

I was going to do it outdoors, where sunglasses made sense, and the sky is a beautiful blue as well, but there is a plague of flies out there and I just couldn’t hack it.
Hello again! Here's a song I wrote this summer for the 50/90 songwriting challenge. It's about paint. Artists need paint, and the song is about paint, so that's why I called the song "Paint".

I wrote this as a challenge to myself to see if it was true that you could write a song about anything at all. Was it worth it, or have I jumped the shark? You decide...
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