SOTU 608... Art and Creativity

TCK: Dave, your song knocked me over..... so powerful and from the heart! Hard to believe that this is your first original song, I guess it was just waiting to come out at the right time. What a perfect song for this week, as your Art and Creativity came shinning through. Now that you have opened the song writing door, who knows what will keep coming out. Great stuff, I am sure. Happy Belated Birthday also.​

joo: Fun, fun, fun song! Perfect song for both weeks. Short and sweet, and leaves me wanting to know the rest of her story.​

Joko: You managed to channel Dylan with this cover song. I liked seeing your outtakes and set up clips, as it takes the viewer in to the process of doing a song... and of course the sunset in the last take was wonderful for this "Artsy Fartsy Week."​

wee_ginga_yin: Rob, another great song and I love your Banjo uke with this!​

UkeCan1: What a fun song Wendy, and difficult too, but you did an incredible job with it. Great energy and anther perfect song for this week. A new song for me too! (I would also be interested in iPhone camera Apps if anyone is using a good one.)

ukukeguy: This is a lovely version of Painter Man. Your voice works so well with it and I enjoyed your picking and strumming. Another perfect song for this week!​

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Today is the last day, for 'Art and Creativity' week and we are up to 73 creative, inventive, fun videos. It will be very, very hard to pick three songs at the end of this week for the prizes, because everyone has brought something wondrous to the Seasons this week... a creative explosion of song!
Still time today to submit more songs...
Today's quotes:
Hi again Denise! What a fun week it's been, I hope you've enjoyed it! And, it's late, but I just suddenly decided I wanted to do this one. I did this a while ago, following the Byrds version (more or less) which is great, but they rocked it up and slowed it down so to make it a reasonable length I skipped half the lyrics. And someone, very reasonably, said it was a shame because the lyrics are incredible. And they are. So, here's Mr Tambourine Man in full. I hope it's obvious why this fits (but if not, let's all go and dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free... :)).

This version tries to be more faithful to Dylan's original but I did throw in a nod to The Byrds at the end.


jtsteam: Edwin, thanks for your Mr. Tambourine cover. The lyrics are incredible and your uke and vocals work so well with the song. This has been a wonderful week hosting for many excellent songs!!​

This Replacements song has painting, movies, dancing, and poetry. (Recorded as a Livestream so the beginning’s a little strange)

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Bet you didn't expect two songs in a row about Cezanne? Neither did I. Thank you, YouTube recommendation engine!

"Cezanne, Says Anne" by Neil Innes, who has conveniently posted a chord chart online.

I used Zoom again with the same settings as yesterday, and this time I also played with the iPhone editing settings to make it look a little bit closer to a Cezanne painting. I'm amazed at how quickly these Zoom videos upload - much faster than the iPhone camera app ones I usually take.

(I had a different one recommended to me by a YouTube friend, "Impressionists Two-Step" by Pop Wagner, that mentions Cezanne in a list, but then YouTube showed me this one and I didn't get to that one.)


TheOnlyUkeThatMatters: Beautiful! Another new song for me and great for this week's theme. I loved your singing with this one!​

Ms Bean: Lovely song for the Seasons this week. Beautiful picking and I liked your drawing in the background!​

UkeCan1: Perfect song to conclude this fun week! A new song for me and you had a lot of fun with this and did a great song! Wish I could whistle like you!​

And now it’s time to wrap up our fantastic week of Celebratiing Art and Creativity. (Of course, creativity never ends, but only grows stronger each week on the SOTU!) We ended up with 77 incredible videos!

I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did this week, and I thank you all for being so kind to me for my first-time hosting. I loved the diversity of the songs, as the week really overflowed with creative energy and ideas. It was a gift to be part of the Seasons with you all for the week.

It will be very hard to pick only three winners for the prizes, because everyone was a winner, but, I have my husband and sister looking at all the videos also, (they have been loving the videos too this week) to give me their opinions, and then I will mull it over the best I can and get back tomorrow with the results.
After such a beautiful week of Art and Creativity, it was very hard to only choose three Seasonists. Going back through the video’s, every video merited a prize…. If I could have afforded to send out a print to each one of you, I would have…. However, working together with husband, Ray, and my sister we narrowed it down to three:

joo: It was a joyful week with joo, as she exploded with creativity and expression, sharing three songs about artists, and many originals songs.

Stoneyrun:Stoneyrun did two beautiful contributions this week. I was impressed with the details of his visual settings, vocal style and playing, that worked together so well to enhance the emotions and insight of his songs.

TCK: Dave really took the challenge this week to heart, and pulled out an incredible first, self-composed song, that was powerful, touching and a real gift.

Joo, Stoneyrun and TCK: Please PM me your address, and I will mail a print to you.

And thank you again to each of you. You are all winners!
wow!!!! thank you so much, Denise! Everyone is so great and wonderful in their own different ways...I feel undeserving! I seriously do.
I know i should not feel this way but i do...
but.....THANK YOU.
What a fun week it has been. I found a few songs I never heard before and tried to play them and that was a good challenge.
Thanks for the reason to learn these songs and share with you all.
You have been a wonderful host, Denise. Thank you!
Thank you Denise for your kind reception and inspiring words. As soon as the ragweed is done messing my days up, I plan to write another.
Being one of the few ukers that has seen what I really do with all my heart, having a piece of your artwork will make me smile ear to ear every time I walk by it. Thanks for a good time this week!
Your gorgeous print arrived, Denise, carefully wrapped and taped up. Really appreciate the heart you put into your week. Thank you so much.

I was running late for work, but i wanted to take a couple photos to show you, because it actually matched my top this morning.

Beautiful painting.
I need to look at it again, slowly...
And i will find a spot on my wall for it.
I love it, thanks again, Denise.❤️
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