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Oct 2, 2012
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Half-way up a hill in Southwest France
Greetings, Dear Seasonistas ... I bring you Season 632! Please watch the attached video for details. If anything is unclear, please get in touch ... I'll put the Playlist up tomorrow, once the entries start to come in. Meanwhile, Weather HQ down in deepest Oz is still fully operational and our Chief Meteorologist will be awaiting your forecasts in order to predict future developments.


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Here's a 632-631 twofer:
"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas

Dreams & Weather

For some reason, I received prior notice of this week's theme, so was able to make a recording in advance! This will probably be my only contribution as I'd much rather sit back and listen to everyone else. (I also realised yesterday that this song qualifies for Jon's week - "When you hear that cold wind calling" - so, in the grand tradition of Wendy, I am bringing a "twofer"!)

This song has to have one of the worst lyrics in music history, "A pie in the face for being a sleepy bull toad". You know that had to be a desperate and forced line to rhyme with the prior lyric. I can't whistle to save my life so I had to scat over the whistling parts. (The hazy, dreamy look of the video was unintentional! 😄)

You'll never guess what today is... Time's up!! It's one year since I joined the SOTU!!! That's right... my official 53rd Season with you amazing, inspiring, sometimes strange, always heartwarming and uke loving individuals!!!

Ok.. enough exclamation points. I felt like busting out the bari, making it an anni'bari'sary song. Excuse the minor fumbles and fart notes... had to get this one down before the rest of the house awoke (as dogs currently bark and my better half vacuums).

It's Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot.
(I wish I had rhythm me that I could solo over)
Here's Jarvis Cocker's "You Can't Wake Up If You Don't Fall Asleep" from the movie 'Asteroid City'... for tenor ukulele with singing, overdubs of secondary vocals, synthesizer, and electric bass. Thanks for hosting, Val!

Thanks for your continued sterling service Val! This was a Glen Campbell hit written by Chris Gantry The lyrical sentiment may be a little dated now. But I still like the wistful nature of the song.I had a quick look for any acoustic covers on Youtube. I came across one and thought wow this guy is good. Very fancy guitar work, nice vocal. Starting reading the comments and it turns out it was Glen Campbell's son Shannon.. ok that makes sense.
I'm tuned down a step to manage a key change.
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This was on my list all last week for the weather theme, then yesterday I saw it qualifies for my Monday twofer. It starts with the line, "You can dream the American dream".

Accompanied by suitable rain percussion, and my iPhone alarm also chiming in on the ending ... in key, I think!

Who here remembers Casey Bee? I first learned this song, at her suggestion, for Season 169, her birthday week hosting celebration of her favorite artist, Warren Zevon, back in May 2015.

It's such a catchy and uplifting-from-a-dark-place kind of song. Warren Zevon's "Fistful of Rain".

And Good Morning (and etc.) from a sunny and currently frosty France, where it promises to get up to 17 degrees this afternoon ... after a week of concentrating on the weather, old habits die hard! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far ... the Playlist is up-to-date and we have 15 songs. We have barely touched the surface of all those sleep-related songs out there, so please keep them coming today. Meanwhile, a thought; dreaming CAN be troublesome ...

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Hey, Val! Thanks for the week!

Pixies song for you from their 1991 album, Trompe Le Monde.
As Frank Black explained in an interview with the BBC, "It's just a song about a bird and he's flying around and then, like most birds, he flies into his tree at night and sleeps and then he dreams, and then he dreams about the Olympus Mons, which is the tallest mountain on Mars, a volcanic mountain, like 10 times the size of Everest or something..."

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