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Firstly, a huge thanks to everyone who took part this week ... we had a total of 44 Seasonistas and 107 songs (if we include Jim's late entry, which we obviously MUST!) We tended to stick to dreams rather than veering off in the direction of nightmares and sleepwalking ... although Charley and Mark brought us fine examples of the above. You were all amazing ... this has been a week of superlatives! Apart from all the splendid covers, we had excellent originals from Joo (as well as Joo and Chris), Brian/Pa, Berni, Jon, Andrew (C-W) and CeeJay.

It is difficult to single anyone out because you were all great and I enjoyed everything you brought; so I'm not going to do that ... you may all consider yourselves heroes on the Seasonista front! (Yes ... I know this is a "cop out" but I really AM pressed for time this week and it would be so difficult to make choices when you all turned in such lovely performances.)

One or two highlights for me .... we acquired a new Seasonista in the arrival of Shaw (hope you'll be back), and we have discovered an amazing new Ukulele Power Couple in the form of Joo and Chris, who have been drawing vast crowds wherever they pop up in Singapore. A final highlight for me has been the return to the Seasons over the past couple of weeks (not least in 632) of my very dear friend - and ukulele hero - Mr. Duncan ... it's so great to see you back where you belong, Sir!

I love you All ... THANK YOU!!!
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I will probably be drummed out of The Seasons for so doing, but, there are extenuating circumstances ... not least that you have been celebrating a VERY significant Birthday.
Pfft. Hosts get to make the rules (it's half the fun of doing it) and you are always a wonderful host. Thanks for a great season!
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