SOTU 633: Time is on my side (yes it is)


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May 4, 2021
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Hi everyone, and welcome to season 633 of Seasons of the Ukulele, and my very first time hosting! The theme this week is songs about time! So please bring me songs about time. Times of the day, telling the time, days of the week, and so on are all part of the theme, as is any song mentioning the word "time" in lyrics or title.

The usual rules apply:

  • Ukulele is the main instrument, though multitracking and otherwise including other instruments is fine.
  • Newly recorded videos only. Please say in the title of the video or elsewhere that your video is for season 633 of Seasons of the Ukulele (I feel like a hypocrite with this rule, as it's one I frequently forget).
  • Season 628 begins at 00.00 Hawaiian time tonight and ends 23.59 Hawaiian time next Sunday.

    Special rules:
  • A special hello to anyone new to the seasons. If this is your first time here, please bring any song you want to, regardless of whether it fits this week's theme.
  • For everyone else, one of your songs this week is allowed to not fit the theme, provided it is an original you have not posted before in the seasons,
  • There are otherwise no limits on the number of songs you can bring this week.
Playlist below. I've recorded a quicky to start off this week's playlist as "song 0". No other early songs please, and remember that Val's dream season 632 is still going strong!

Well, I've just lost a whole hour - no one told me the clocks were changing! A very "timely" theme, Paul!
Andrew suggested this song to me in a comment on my "Dream Police" video. It's a song about dreams, yes, but also about getting through a bad time (night / today) to a better one (morning / dawn / tomorrow) ... it includes all those words plus the word "time".

"Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright

The Rolling Stones' The Last Time chorus is identical, in melody and lyrics, to This May Be the Last Time, a traditional gospel song recorded in 1954 by the Staple Singers. In 2003, Richards acknowledged this, saying, "We came up with 'The Last Time', which was basically re-adapting a traditional gospel song that had been sung by the Staple Singers, but luckily the song itself goes back into the mists of time." The Rolling Stones' song has a verse melody and a distinctive guitar riff that were both absent in the Staple Singers' version. Phil Spector, whose "Wall of Sound" approach can be heard on the recording, assisted with the production.

My cover is just two raw soprano ukulele tracks and two raw vocal tracks. I think it sounds pretty good as-is. The heck with Phil Spector, and his wall of sound.

An original called Time is Passing. I was planning on it being a 12 bar minor blues pattern but it had other ideas and went for a 17 bar progression. :) Moved to a baritone for a change.

time is passing so slow today
oh yeah time is passing so slow today
I may be wrong to sing my song
and let the time just pass away

nothing I need to do today
no there’s nothing I need to do today
so it may be wrong to sing some songs
but I’ll just let time pass away

nowhere I need to be today
no there’s nowhere I need to be today
so it may be wrong to sing my songs
as I just let time pass away
so I may be wrong to sing my songs
while I just let time pass away

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