SOTU 633: Time is on my side (yes it is)

The narrator in this one behaves rather badly. On his way home to his wife he has one random dance in a random road side cafe with a random woman . He holds " her charms" then immediately decides to send his wife a " Dear Jane" letter breaking up with her. I can only put this down to poor decision making bought on by "the Liberty Valance" incident he was also involved in.
Eagled eyed who have been to Barcelona may spy my latest painting in the background featuring a detail from a Gaudi building.
Recently I dreamt of a dear friend who passed away some years ago. For context, we were initially living in different neighbourhoods for eons.

Then fate has it that after I got married, the new house which I got HAPPENED to be just a few blocks away from where my friend lived! So we hung out together even more after that (duhh).

But that joy was shortlived. Less than 4 years later, she unexpectedly died. I couldn’t even attend her funeral, as I was in hospital dealing with a miscarriage. Well…both my dear friend and my unborn baby are in Heaven now. So this song I played in memory of them.
Rebonjour, Paul! This is very silly and rather dark (literally) and I'm not sure why I did it, although it DOES fulfil quite a lot of the categories for this week's theme. I don't think it's one of Lennon & McCartney's finest and I couldn't take it all that seriously because I kept thinking of Peter Seller's version of the song, done in the style of Laurence Olivier playing Richard lll. (Those younger members here will probably not have the faintest idea what I'm talking about!) Anyway, herewith ...

Using up the quota for an original the week!

Joo penned this one after we made some plans to meet up at her local mall, which just so happens to have this amazing water park on the roof!! Great for a 90°F day!

Her thought was to play the Waterman in the water, but security promptly let us know that adults were not allowed to play in the water! We were quite bummed, but also... rules shrules, right?! What proof do they have that we went in the water? If you seem me getting detained on the news, please call the US Embassy and tell them it's all Joo's fault. She likes to rouse rables.

Anyways... it might be tough, but we hope you enjoy this even half as much as we enjoyed making it.

We Are At The Mall (ori-Joo-nal)

We are at the mall.
We are at the mall.
We are not shopping.
We have a different protocol.

We are at the mall.
We are at the mall.
We are not eating.
We're playing at the waterfall.

We are at the mall.
We are at the mall.
We are not people watching.
When you've seen one, you've seen them all.

We are at the mall.
We are at the mall.
We are doing no mall business.
We just like to be at the mall.

A song by the Gershwins. From the musical Girl Crazy, 1930. First recorded by The Foursome, who also performed it in the original musical. Also performed by Judy Garland in the movie version of the musical. Much later recorded by Nat King Cole and others. The same musical that brought us "I Got Rhythm," "Embraceable You," and several others.

Here's a bit of silliness.

"Knock Three TIMES"
by Tony Orlando and DAWN

(with sound effects)

Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses
Though most C&W fans associate this Gene and Paul Nelson tune with its initial 1988 release by Kathy Mattea, Alan Ladd has also done a very nice cover.
Nothin’ but cowboy chords but Kathy made ‘em sound soooo good.

“[D] Charlie’s got a gold watch
[G] Don’t seem like a whole lot
After [A7] thirty years of drivin’
Up and [G] down the inter- [D] state.

But [D] Charlie’s had a good life
And [G] Charlie’s got a good wife
And [Em] after tonight, she’ll no
[G] longer be countin’ the [A7] days.”
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Hooray - after an unecpecyed busy day yesterday, I’ve finally caught up. I’m having a fantastic time, listening to everyone. It’s good fun hosting, and I recommend the experience!
@Charley B Extra brownie points for looking like Grandpa Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Grandpa Potts.jpg
This season's offering is an original song, "What's New", that mentions the word "times", and is essentially about how times change but human nature not so much.

I had a useable version in one take (woohoo!) but I was standing a ways away from the phone to be able to sing normal. So I tried a second take standing closer, which brought the ukulele sound forward but I had to sing with less volume since I was closer to the phone. I can't decide which to post, so I am posting both takes for your perusal & enjoyment (lyrics in the YT description)...

Take One

Take Two
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