SOTU 633: Time is on my side (yes it is)

Back on the solo Seasonista venture, after leaving Singapore and now in Thailand. I got a timely email from @prashant.andrade , who runs a uke jam in San Jose, CA that I'm still hoping to one day join! In the meantime, he shared a songbook and when I searched "time," this song popped up that was fitting for an evening hotel room recording.. 'cept it's only cold if we blast a/c.

It's 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan. I've always loved singing this one and I'm glad this Season gave a great time to get it down.

Thanks again for hosting, Paul! Doing a fine job on your first go. Seems like you're enjoying yourself!! (hint hint... more hosts are always appreciated, those who are reading this!!!)

Cheers, all!


Let Him Roll - Guy Clark

"Now it's been seventeen years right in line And he ain't been straight none of the time"
|It's been seventeen On July 29, 2008, Kirby & Yates hosted the premier of the Guy Clark Kitchen Table Night to be held the last Tuesday of each month at a Peterborough Restaurant/Pub called The Spill. The owner, Dave, had seen photos and heard stories of the kitchen pickin' sessions that used to take place at Guy Clark's place, with people like Townes Van Zandt, Jerry Jeff Walker, Lyle Lovette, Emmylou Harris and Steve Earl sitting around Guy's table and trading tunes. He set up a table at the back of the restaurant and asked Kirby & Yates if we'd host the first session and we said, "Sure."My son Clayton and our friend Jim Bowskill showed up to join us and other folks dropped in for a tune or two. It's amazing how a love for music cuts through all age barriers. Jimmy Bowskill was about 17, Clayton was in his early thirties and Al and I were somewhere in our mid-sixties, yet we're all good friends when it comes to making music.Clay had asked me to learn "Let Him Roll" when I told him about the show and I obliged and performed it for the first time there. I haven't done it again till 14 years later. For a guitar group on Facebook. This is my first try at this song on the ukulele.

I'm surprised no one has done this one yet... It's one of my gig favorites.

very cool! It might be about time to pull out the ol' VHS and see if it still works. 😏 Laser disc maybe?! Nice job on the production. Is this doable on the free version of Canva?!
Yeah this is a Canva-provided stock image and I threw it together from the free version.
Here’s a nice one by Bonnie Raitt. Speaking of time, I haven’t had much this week so this is not my best effort, but it gets better as it goes along. I couldn’t get the pooches to stop going in and out the dog door dagnabit!

Hopefully you make it past my typical view duration of 1:30. Time wasn’t on my side this week I’m afraid…

How about a little Badfinger? Since others have done "Time After Time", here's "Day After Day".

We've got Carmen's Mum in hospital this week, so I didn't think I would have time to post anything. But this morning, Carmen chose not to got visit, so I had time to do this video.

It's a mini lesson in cosmology in song. It just HAD to be posted for this Season, didn't it? :cool:

Hello, yet again, Paul! I wasn't sure that we were going to get this done. My son, Tom, having suggested a collaboration in the first place, then refused to be dragged away from ferrying vast quantities of "antique" hay (probably 1960s vintage) and an equally vast collection of assorted wood, down to the local tip. He is currently "gutting" the barn in order to build a music studio. Anyway, his verdict on my attempt at this song ... there are some half bars and there's some "weird sh*t" going on. I am not sure that the latter is a musical term! Since he is a real bonafide musician, I am absolutely gutted - although, perhaps, not so much as the barn has been. I may never have the confidence to sing anything ever again!

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Hooray, and I’ve caught up. What a remarkable time it’s been musically since I was last caught up. We’ve had some thrilling originals, including a song about relativity and a true epic, slowed down and jazzed up songs, songs about love and immortality. And the Heavenly Chorus.

Still plenty of time for more!
I've been planning this one most of the week. To make it fit for a 634 twofer, I added a bunch of words for different things that require a larynx, which I think actually improves the song, which originally repeated the words "pray" and "worship" quite a lot.

I started more or less with the best-known verses, from the Arlo Guthrie / Pete Seeger version and the one in "Rise Up Singing" and the songbook I learned it from, then added some more I found online that I found funny, and a few of my own.

Too many verses, but hopefully good for a laugh or six!

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