SOTU 635: Castles

As there is definitely no U2 song that will fit this season, I went looking for another song, I ended up finding some obscure Belgian Song (which I adapted a little bit to Dutch). This is called Kasteel Van Schelpjes En Zand (Castle of Shells and Sand) by Willem Vermandere
Unless you stretch it to include the whole of The Unforgettable Fire - some written initially in a stone tower and then rehearsed, developed and recorded at Slane Castle.
Unless you stretch it to include the whole of The Unforgettable Fire - some written initially in a stone tower and then rehearsed, developed and recorded at Slane Castle.
I would say that was cheating, as there are no mentions of castles in the songs and the theme does not explicitly mention being recorded in a castle. If that is allowed I could always give you guys another version of Pride (I only recorded 8 or 9 versions for the seasons yet. Or bad (only 3 version so far). Anyway I could also record some of the other songs (that I never did) from that record, if we can go that route.
Thanks to Jim Yates, Val, Charley, Rob, R-M, Wim, Alan and Jon for their entries.
  • Jim brought a song he learnt a long time ago;
  • Val took on the role of a troubadour singer and regaled is with Merlin's Lament;
  • Charley took us along the watchtower;
  • Rob reminded us about a splendid rant and made me chuckle;
  • R-M brought us the first original song this week, and it's truly awesome. I hope your busy week goes well for you, and I'm really happy that you could afford the time to write a new song and to bring it masterfully. Thanks so much!
  • Wim surprised me with an old and not very well-known song from a fellow countryman, and he adapted it brilliantly;
  • Alan hinted at more than just one old song about castles, and the first one did tick all the necessary boxes, so hopefully he manages;
  • Jon also recorded an original song that I can listen to over and over again.

So, after almost 12 hours, we have eight superb songs on the playlist. I hope there will be more tomorrow!

Thanks again for the music, the punts and general banter, listening and commenting!
Well, I'm gonna opt for the "palace" option that Sabine has given us. Maggie tells me that a palace is definitely NOT the same as a castle, and Google seems to agree, but Sabine is the boss this week and she said it's OK.

Google says: The main reason a castle is built is for protection and safety. Hence, they are made from simple materials like stones and bricks. Palaces, on the other hand, are more elaborate and extravagant. You can see that with the intricate designs built within the architecture.

Two years ago we had a "Change" Season and I did this song that my dad used to sing to us when we were kids. Time for a reprise.

Buckingham Palace - A.A. Milne

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Usually a quick internet search gives me a few ideas for each Season. Not this week, though.

And I only could think of a couple songs I already like that mention castles. Luckily, one of them is perfect for ukulele...

We had six new songs today, including three more originals, from the pens of John, Brian and Jon. It must be something in the atmosphere Down Under. Or it may also just be late summer...
I hereby offer my massive thanks to today's artists (in the order their entries came in):

  • John reworked an earlier original to make it fit the theme better;
  • Jim revisited a song which has palace instead of a castle, and it's a really sweet listen;
  • Brian was inspired by an old fairy tale;
  • Jon wrote a great poem that strangely vibes with me as I'm watching Fallout;
  • Ralph brought us a Neil Young song, and I enjoyed his version so much that I am seriously considering listening to Mr Young's version too;
  • Alan brought the sweetest tune about the happiest couple ever.

Lots of smiles on my face tonight, and I want to thank everyone for the music and the listens!
I was having a day where I couldn't play without mistakes as soon as the camera went on - this take had the fewest mistakes. It is Castle of Dromore which is a traditional song. Like many folk tunes there are various different academic opinions on its origins but the tune (My Wife is Sick) was first published around 1850 and Harold Boulton (also known for Skye Boat Song) published the English lyrics in 1892. Boulton either wrote the lyrics or had collected or adapted them in the folk tradition. Boulton's published words were later translated into Irish.

An original called Castle Ruins. At first it was going to be an instrumental, then it became an instrumental with words but then I added my vocals in. It has influences from ambient and cinematic music as well as my liking of drones. 3 ukulele backing tracks (Ohana 5 string tenor, Enya mahogany in high G & Richard Wilson tenor in high G), the solo ukulele track on Enya mahogany tenor and the bass on Ohana 5 string with pitch shift effect. Then 4 tracks of vocals from me and 5 synthesised vocal tracks, a choir synth pad and drum synth.

Another Castle of Dromore but instrumental as I first heard this tune on a CD of Celtic guitar tunes by, among others, Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker, and in this case, El McMeen’s arrangement. I don’t think this is quite correct, but it’s close enough, and there’s always room for manoeuvre in traditional tunes anyway.
That stupid Arthur King and his silly Eengleesh ker-niggits! Another quick one that mentions a particular castle, music by Neil Innes ( who played Brave Sir Robin’s minstrel among other roles) , with very silly lyrics by John Cleese (who played Sir Lancelot among others) and Graham Chapman (who played King Arthur) .Played on my daughters cheap n cheerful pink soprano.
When I searched my collection of songs for "castle", not a lot came up. Then I searched for "palace", and this one appeared. Apparently I wrote it for Season 225. I have absolutely no recollection of doing so, and had to find the video from eight years ago to work out how it goes.

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