Special offer- free sticker, but there's a catch... #mauistrong


Got mine! Thanks so much @badhabits !

My province has also been hit really hard by wildfires this year, and we have a farm and have lived through a season a few years ago of pretty tense being ready just in case preparing what to do if there's a fire (we have very limited options for roads leading out of this area), so I donated to a charity that is helping with farm animals and pets that have either had to be left behind during an evacuation notice, or helping to recover them and move them when the owners can't.

There are always natural disasters affecting someone and taking everything they have (including loved ones). It's so important that when we can manage to lend a helping hand, when we are not the ones at risk, to do so. I keep reminding myself how lucky we are, and how close to the edge any one of us potentially is.
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