UU Podcast Straight VS Curly Koa | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #87

Throat Remedies, Open Ukuleles, and Multistring Ukes​

Straight VS Curly Koa. Glossy VS Satin Finishes. Aldrine explains the differences and gives examples of ukuleles that use Straight and Curly Koas, and ukuleles with Glossy and Satin Finishes. Before diving into that, Aldrine gives his secret remedy for sore throats. The guys also explain what it means for an ukulele to open up, and give their opinions kids playing plastic ukuleles. Aldrine tops up the podcast with his preferences for multistring ukuleles.
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Questions Asked this Week:

0:16 The gangs all here
5:55 What is Aldrine's go to throat remedy?
12:25 How Aldrine lost his voice in the Philippines
14:25 Aldrine VS Australia
18:00 Does Koa sound good?
20:05 Straight Koa VS Curly Koa
24:00 Do you prefer Gloss or Satin Finishes?
26:00 Does the Finish make a difference?
28:35 Lighter Finishes can get worn off
29:55 What does it mean for an ukulele to open up?
33:45 Examples of Opened ukuleles
37:30 What do you think of plastic ukuleles for kids?
40:10 Aaron's Fluke
46:15 Are plastic ukuleles too toyish?
50:20 What are your preferences for multistring ukuleles?
55:30 What multistring ukuleles are used for
1:00:00 We should be returning to the office
1:02:45 Changes coming to the Private Lessons
1:04:10 New Play Along
1:06:20 Sean Song Throwback
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