Strange ukulele reference I uncovered - anyone know this tune?

Ukulele Jim

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Jan 9, 2008
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Santa Barbara
I was googling myself the other day (as I am wont to do in moments of narcissism) and stumbled across this strange song called "Ukelele Jim".

It's from the papers of Minnie fisher Cunningham, a suffragist from Texas. This dates back to sometime around 1918 or 1919. I'm pretty sure 'Ukelele Jim' refers to Jim Furgeson, a Texas politician during the prohibition era.

Of course, now I want to play it, but I have no idea what the "Casey Jones" tune is. It's obviously not the Grateful Dead one. Anyone know how this song goes?

Nice, thanks!

The words do seem to fit, mostly. Still, as political parodies go, it's not a great one.

I did a little more reading, and I guess the 'Ukelele Jim' from this song was a governor of Texas who got impeached in 1917. His wife went on to become governor, too.