String Comparison- Worth vs PHD

Both strings are fluorocarbon polymer, right? Are the gauges and tensions the same or different?
Curious that the PhD strings say "higher density" on the package, but they do not say what they are comparing to.
It seemed to me that I could hear each individual note in the chords played with the Worth Clears. The notes were more blended together in the chords played with the PHDs.

Also, the notes just sounded more pleasant with the Worths, but it would have been helpful if you had played some notes separately. For people who fingerpick rather than strum exclusively, it’s hard to judge strings that you just hear strummed in chords.
My ears are not what they used to be, however the PHD set sounded louder after multiple listens and a bit less bark or twang to the notes than the Worths.

Thank you for the comparison, I don't think I would buy either for how I like my ukes to sound.
I think the PhD's are brighter sounding, but are less dynamic than the Worth strings. I would be curious how you find the tension between them. I have a uke that has a non-standard scale, and I struggle to find non-nylon strings that will work on the "C" string without creating a buzz because of the low tension on the C. With the higher density of the PhD strings, do you find them more stable under low tension on the C?
I'm curious. Aren't you comparing a set of tenor strings against a concert set? The specs on the Worth tenor seem to be thicker on every string.

I've always felt that I added a particular set of strings based on what I heard from the instrument to begin with and what I wanted. While I have several go to strings, I don't think I'd necessarily put the same type of strings on even two instruments that came from the same batch in a factory.
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