Buying Tips? String discussion for laminates

I need buying advice!


Mar 20, 2010
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Hi all,

I just restrung my Makala MK-T with Mahanas last night, I was looking for more warmth and sweetness than the aquilas that I had on it previously.

While I did get what I wanted (increased warmth and sweetness) there is a significant decrease in volume and sustain.

Does anyone have any strings they would recommend for getting a warm, sweet sound on a laminate without sacrificing volume and sustain? (I am particularly concerned about the sustain, the volume I don't care so much about)

d'addario pro artes!! you could also try aquilas and i hear worth clears also have what you're looking for. there have been many threads about strings lately. look them up. also, strings aren't that expensive, so if you don't really care for a set, buy something different and try them. after reading about several different strings, i figured i'd try worth clears or d'addario pro artes and i went the d'addario strings first. i absolutely love them on my oscar schmidt ou4
I like Ko'olau Gold on my laminates.
I have Kala's laminate concert mahogany, and found Mahanas too warm as well. I heard Pro Artes on my friend's solid top mahogany and was sold. I just put them on a couple hours ago and they're stretching as I type. haha
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