Strings on an older California ubass


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Aug 4, 2019
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NC Mountains
Greetings. I currently play a Journeyman that shipped with roundwounds, upgraded to flatwounds. I have just purchased a used California ubass that shipped with thundergut strings, which I don’t care for. I have a set of roundwounds but I’m thinking that thunderbrowns might be a better choice for this bass. Any advice?
Thunderbrowns would definitely be the better/easier way to go. The old California Ubasses have a longer scale length than the Journeyman, make sure you get the right strings!
Why not go with the same flats? After years of playing poly (rubbery, plasticky, etc.) strings, I gave up on them because they all get sticky in humid conditions, stretch so much they have to be trimmed and restrung too often. I only use Kala/Galli flatwound nylon core.
I went with Thunderbrowns on the California. I have flatwounds on my Journeymanand wanted a different tone. So far so good. I find them really comfortable but I do find that I need to be really precise in my fretting, which is not a bad thing
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