Strummin' Man Uke Festival, Oct 13-15, Panama City, FL


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May 23, 2010
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Saint Andrews Bay, FL
My local uke group, the Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews, is putting on our 1st festival. The weather should be great that time of year and hopefully the hurricanes will be just a bad memory. We really just got a bit [40 mph peak] of wind and less rain than a good thunderstorm from Irma. Thankfully it hit at low tide too.

We are fortunate to get Maisel/Chee, Taimine, Rachel Manke, and Lil Rev !

So make your plans and come on down [or up] Did I mention we also have one of the world's best unspoiled beaches at St. Andrews State Park. you can even camp there!
I like it! at least 3 of my friends form TBUS are coming!
I'll be there....I'm local! One of my dealers will have a booth and I'll be doing some Recording 101 workshops, for sure. I may also do something on sound reinforcement and possibly wireless mics.
Ha ha, Nate, that dirty devil!
Some TBUS members are going.
I can't go, but I hope it goes well.
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