Super Rare Fully Curly Koa Custom Sonny D Tenor


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Jul 20, 2016
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This is one of Sonny D's finest ukuleles at this point and a ukulele built like this this one by Sonny is very hard to come by. Kept in showroom quality with minor playing. He is the second oldest ukulele company in Hawaii next to Kamaka. The ukulele sound is amazing. Sonny D ukuleles are handcrafted in Hawaii since 1960s using old fashioned tools made the old fashion way. A exotic custom in the stature is extremely rare. The wood set alone is valued at $400. Sonny D is a old school ukulele maker. Hawaiian entertainers such as, Peter Moon, Troy Fernandez, Iz, Naleo,Herb Ohta Sr and many more have used his ukuleles.

Model: Tenor

Full custom.

5a curly koa with Hawaiian grown mango rossete

African Hard Rosewood Fret board. 19 total fret. Has a slightly wider to increase play ability while doing rapid picking/ multiple finger picking called troy style to Sonny D.

Gotoh Black Side Tuners

Hard Shell Case included.

Very low price of $1050 for quick sale
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