Tabs for Henry VIII: Pastyme with good Companye


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Dec 15, 2016
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This famous old air exists in a number of versions, so I went back to the original MS (thanks to Wikipedia), and have ended up making three transcriptions, which you can see here, in 3 formats (pdf, TablEdit and MIDI).

I hope you enjoy them, and would welcome your opinions – I have made my own commentary at the end of the tabs.

Happy playing!
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What fun! I confess to finding Michael Parmenter's arrangement for re-entrant tuning rather easier - only two parts! - but yours sounds great and it will be a good challenge for me.
Glad you enjoy the arrangement. Your comment made me realise that I do tend to over-egg the pudding with all the extra notes, but I do often take a few short cuts myself when playing the pieces: here, by missing out some of the unimportant unstressed notes where it's a bit of a challenge.

I've just loaded another piece: What if a day (Campion / Dowland) here, which has an easy version cobbled together by me, and a much cleverer piece by JD. Hope you like it.
You haven't over-egged the pudding at all - it's just a bit hard for me at the moment with all the frequent chord changes. What if a day is much more within my reach, and you've done a really nice arrangement. I was very sad when I had to give up the lute, but now I am able to enjoy playing this lovely repertory again. :)

Yet again, many thanks.!
You're right - it's was originally a 3-part song, but I couldn't resist the temptation to see what it sounded like on the uke. I used the Wikipedia page you mentioned for version 1 on my blog, with help from ukatee on this forum to understand how it would have been played by Henry VIII if he had owned a ukulele, which is version 2. One day, when I've had more experience, I might try to make an version more in the style of the period.
Versions of the words have changed in spelling and form over time.
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