Song Help Request Tabs wanted for the song FEELING + Killing Me Softly

This is wonderful.
May I ask you a question ? What are the blue notes? Is it to play quietly ? Sorry if the answer is obvious.
I visited your site before and really like your arrangement. Thank you so much.
Going to Hawaii in a few weeks, already ordered a Pono. Will string the new one to high G so I have more song choices. Thank you again. You made my day!
(as I noted in the accompanying description), those are the filler notes I play during the breaks.

Have fun in Hawaii.
Thanks,phrunk ! THat is a nice website you have there. It is a valuable resource :)
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So sorry I got excited and totally missed your accompany description. Now it all make sense to me. Thank you again.
Interesting aside

Interesting aside - the original artist for 'killing me softly with his song' was Lori Leiberman, Roberta Flack covered it a few years later. Leiberman commissioned Fox/Gimbal to put a Poem of hers to song that she wrote after going to a Don McLean concert and hearing 'empty chairs'. The song we know and love is the result. Decades later Fox and Gimbal claimed publicly that Leiberman had nothing to do with it but in articles from the 70s talked about her inspiration for the song from that concert. I first heard Lieberman speak about the inspiration for it on the radio after the fuguees cover. There's several wiki articles and a ton of other places a google search brings on the controversy.
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