Takumi TS-1K Soprano Ukulele Solid Koa for sale

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Apr 23, 2017
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Winston-Salem, NC
Beautiful Takumi TS-1K solid figured koa soprano ukulele.
Red tortoise binding
Gotoh UPT tuners
Strung with clear flurocarbon strings currently- not sure which brand but they sound great!

Awesome uke- no dead notes, plenty of punch, volume, and sustain, even in the higher frets. Excellent condition!

Hardshell case included in sale (used but sturdy "rockcase")

Alright- I can't believe no one is interested in this beautiful uke! The unfortunate truth for me, is I have to sell it. One more price reduction and hoping someone will grab it up....
$675.00 shipped and insured to lower 48 United States.

That is as low as I can go I'm afraid, but that means someone will be getting a sweet deal on a sweet uke!

Paypal only please;

I've sold numerous instruments, I pack well, ship insured, and have 100% positive feedback on ebay (markwinsal); I've sold a few instruments here on UU too.

Please feel free to ask questions; the best way to reach me is actually through: marktwincity@yahoo.com
No returns on this one- sorry- digging myself out of some debt.

Also note- it's difficult to see but I did locate one fingernail moon-shaped scratch in the upper bout, where the usual scuffs and scrapes happen. There are several other small scuffs from play wear in that area, but you have to go looking for them. Still in overall very good + to excellent condition. No structural issues, no 'belly' in front of the bridge- ready to play!

Thanks for looking-
Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkYqgZKR1zs
Another one: https://youtu.be/xKutUdLGPhI

Please excuse my crap playing and the poor sound quality!


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What is the finish on these? (I'm realizing more and more how I prefer a satin or semi-satin finish.)
Will you be posting a sound bite?
This one has a glossy finish; really brings out the figure of the koa. Unfortunately I don't really have a good way to record a decent sound bite; the closest I could find was on youtube under Takumi TS-1K; sound clip by Southern Ukulele Store in the UK. That's a fairly good examply of the clarity and punch this one has. Thanks for your interest!
OK, Mark, gotta correct this: you may hate being videotaped, but your playing ain't "crap"! Looks to me that you fly around that fretboard pretty effortlessly! (Especially with "hot dog fingers" ;^)
What a beauty of a uke!
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