UU Podcast Tapping in 2 Minutes | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #111

New Intro Songs, Party Trick Riffs & the Genius of Dragon​

Learn how to Tap in 2 Minutes! This week, the guys are challenging Aldrine to teach a Tapping Riff as fast as he can. After Aldrine’s Tapping Speedrun, he explains the theory behind Tapping. The Team discuss learning Party Trick Riffs vs learning to apply the same Flashy Techniques. As an Example of Elegant Application of Tapping, the guys geek out about the genius of Jake’s Album and Song, Dragon. This leads to an appreciative analysis of Ernie Cruz Jr. and the rest of the Cruz family. A Songwriting Challenge winner is picked while also drifting into a tangent about Dead Media. Aldrine ask’s the last question of the podcast: what is the Algorithm’s effect on Creativity?

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Questions asked this Week:
0:00 New Waiting Song by Chris and Sue
0:27 New Intro by Chris Lanzon
5:45 What is a Tapping Riff to Impress Someone?
8:40 Tapping Speedrun
12:30 Party Trick Riffs
15:25 Music Theory Behind Tapping
17:50 Flashy Tricks
21:25 Applying Tapping
23:30 The genius behind the Tapping in Dragon
26:50 Elevating a song using Technique
30:50 Translating a 2 Uke Technique
32:25 Gushing about the Dragon Album
37:00 Layering with Ukes
41:05 Geeking out about Ernie Cruz Jr, and the Cruz Family
46:20 Picking a Songwriting Challenge Winner
51:20 💀 Dead Media
53:00 Planning Aldrine’s Roast
57:20 Flop Rock
58:50 Any plans for the Bay Area?
59:10 Bangolele
1:02:15 Does the Algorithm shape Creativity?
1:13:20 You don’t need to follow the Radio
1:16:40 New Play Along, New Aldrine Shirt, Open Mic this Thursday

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