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Apr 1, 2014
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Southern California
Well, I just sent to Amazon for a new Blueridge T60 Tenor Guitar. I like my Kala KA-GTR so much that I decided to buy a better, nicer one. I wanted one with a pick guard and 14 frets to the body and more frets. I’m gonna tune it to DGBE. My old one it tuned to CGDA. I might use the new one to play Plectrum pieces (CGBD) - I dunno. I have a coupla books.

Anyway I done pulled the trigger.
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Nice! Post some pix and a sound file or two when you get it. I've also got the Kala tenor guitar and I like it very much. It really has a very sweet sound. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on how the Blueridge compares to the Kala, after you've had a while to play it.
Brother Dick, you done did good. I have a Blueridge BR40T tenor guitar, you got the fancier one. You will really like the sound these produce, pretty much a copy of the Martin tenor guitar. Congratulations and please post some pictures and your impressions of it once you had some time with it
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I haven’t had much experience or luck with posting stuff, but I’ll give it a try.

I sure enjoy my Kala. That's why I wanted a better one.
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Tenor guitars are a blast. Steel strings make a big difference. Most of my playing time is on my Martin TG, so much that I'm probably going to put my Blueridge on sale after the first of the year. I hate seeing a good instrument collect dust, so the Blueridge and a couple ukes need new homes. There's only so much time and so many good instruments.

Tenor banjo may be next, Dick.
Are you kiddin’, Steve? I’ve had a great Gold Tone Irish tenor banjo for a long time., and this is my week to play it. It’s my favorite stringed instrument.

I like the metal strings too. I just took ”trial” Aquilas off another banjo — too thunky. I do wish I could still clawhammer though.
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Dick, The banjo is indeed a lot of fun. The banjo jokes get a bit old, but it does make a great "attitude correction" device when swung properly......
Blueridge was my "gateway" tenor guitar. I now have tenor guitars built by Beau Hannam and John Kinnard, as well as steel string baritone ukuleles from Rick Turner and Mike Pereira. All tuned DGBE. Enjoy your new instrument!
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Amazon promised my tenor guitar would arrive before eight o’clock. It got here 7:57 pm. I had already given up on it. Good job, Amazon.

I’m gonna let it relax in the living room watching cookin’ shows with my wife, but it’s hard ta do!
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On my way home from work, I stopped at the pawn shop and was looking for a tenor guitar...or something I could build a tenor guitar from. Ended up walking out with a Washburn Rover.
It's the right size for four strings for me. But gonna try and play it as is if my fangers aren't too fat.
Yesterday, I tuned my new Blueridge up and played for about an hour. It’s tone was nice, but somewhat wimpy. I was a bit disappointed. However, I’m usta playing banjos now, and I didn’t have my hearing aides in, so maybe that’s why it seemed a little limp wristed. But my little Kala TG seems ta sound somewhat more robust — I dunno . . . Well, it’s early days, and I haven’t picked a good pick (Ha!) yet.

So, anyway, it’s shiny high gloss all over and beautiful, but somewhat slippery to hold and rather larger than I thought it would be. I’m gonna try usin’ it with a foot riser rather than a strap. It doesn’t have a top strap button, but I’m gitten kinda tired of messin’ with straps anyway. I took the one off my cello banjo too. Since I always play seated and have a bad left shoulder, perhaps I can learn to play without one. I have trouble with dropping my left arm though. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, it’s here, I have a Tenor Guitar lesson book, and I’m ready ta git down with my bad self. Look out neighbors!
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Just sold my Pono TG and am browsing the web for a replacement TG. I loved my Pono but really wanted a bigger body, slimmer neck and definitely wanted closer string spacing. Blueridge is on my short list, so I was interested in reading your experiences with them. I'm still torn between contemporary and vintage but as always, I prefer to buy used. Can't spend over 1K so that leaves out most Martins and many Gibsons. Still considering some of the more humble vintage brands. Vintage can be such a crapshoot though, so the Blueridge is still high in my list. I'm surprised though how many folks want a price that's awfully close to new on their used BRs, especially when I've heard that 20% off coupons are commonly available on new (and free shipping is sometimes thrown in). Anyway, I'm enjoying the hunt and appreciate the insights I get from reading the posts from other TG players.
Yeah, I know whatcha mean, bunnyf; dreamin’ the dream is the best part of the hunt.

I’m too choosy and careful to buy used, but I haven’t heard about anyone gitten really burned.
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Dick give the new guy sometime to get acclimated to your environment . Then play the heck out of it for the next 2-4 weeks it will start to come alive. Then change the strings to phosphorus bronze 13s, those are medium gauge which are thicker then what came on it. This is a good gauge, assuming you are DGBE and will give better sound.
Yeah, DUD1 and bunnyf, it’s now tuned to CGDA so I can use it with the Hal Leonard exercise book that I’ve been usin’ with my Kala. The Kala is now tuned to DGBE as is my Kala baritone uke.

I’ve only played it one session, but today I gotta play Christmas music on a flute, and then somethin’ with my cello banjo. Busy busy day, but I just back from a fast, rain threatened walk, and I’m still huffin’ and puffin’.
Bunnyf...just PM'd you

Dick....looks like your weekend will be busy. Is the new TG comfortable or will it need a little setup tweak?
It seems to be okay except for the lack of volume. It’s in excellent, brand new shape of course and the gig bag/case is too. It came with an allen wrench that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. I’ll search some more tomorrow.

I played it for an hour yesterday. It’s bigger than I thought it would be but not more than I can manage. I thought “0” was the smallest size . . .

I sometimes play hymns on Sunday morning, so that’ll be a nice, easy trial session.

I need to pick a pick. I mostly use a Dunlop .060 or .073 mm.
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