Tenor and Classical Guitars

Well, I’m finally beginning to enjoy the CG. I’m getting closer and closer to playing a recognizable melody with a bass line. I‘m making lots of weird noises too, but few real errors. Anyway, I’m not angry or depressed when I’m through playing so far — Onward and Upward!
I’m glad you’ve stuck with it! CG has been a long gradual journey for me. I’m finally starting to feel like I can do it.
Well, I have gotten back to it recently. I have a book, Folk Music for Easy Classical Guitar by Amy Hite, that I got a while back. I like the tunes pretty well, and it looks like somethin’ that I can handle. At least so far I am showing some progress, but I‘ve only used the book three or four days.

At least I haven’t felt like wrapping the CG around a tree yet . . .
I had a good session today. I’m working on two short songs, and learning to control the too loud bass and the too soft melody. I’m making them get along together.

I did very well wid it. Everybody’s the same and happy.
Another session of progress. I even added another short piece in the key of D major. I don’t care for G so much but A and D are good. I also enjoyed rearranging my general guitar music binder and my Classical Guitar one too.

I’m hoping my enjoyment and progress will continue. I’ve had so many starts and stops with the CG.
Well, I‘m doin’ high so-so with the melodies and a bass chord note, but now I’m workin’ on the D and C chords so mebbe I can sing a little.

The darn thing is a lot bigger than a mandolin or even my tenor guitars.
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Well, I’m still bangin’ away at the CG and havin’ some success. I can easily play the melodies and sometimes with the chord notes, but I‘m stlill a bit clumsy wid it.

In my defense, I haven’t played the CG for a while. I guess I just have too many irons in the fire.
I got a new, wooden, foot stand yesterday to replace the very crushable metal one. I got tired of bending the metal one back into a usable shape. It was also narrow and unsteady.
My new foot rest is certainly a step up (Ha!) from the old one. I think I’m gonna like it. I didn’t like playing on my right thigh. I like the width of it too. It’s more comfortable.
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