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Apr 23, 2012
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Chicago, IL
If anyone has a tenor ukulele hardshell case sitting around that they are willing to part with, please contact me. I am trying to find one for my 60’s Martin tenor. Thank you!
Good luck with your search. The main problem will be shipping is likely to cost about the same as a case with a uke in it. Maybe look for a beater uke in a hard case and resell the uke locally. Also check Amazon and eBay for case with free shipping
You might want to check out glarrymusic.com as an option. I believe their tenor uke hard shell cases are priced at around fifty bucks, with free shipping to U.S.

I've bought two of them so far, and they're nice, and well-made. The website photos include interior dimensions. Good luck!

I would recommend looking on amazon. Look at the new listings for hard cases and sometimes they have additional listings for used. I have picked up some hard cases for 50-70 bucks (I prefer ABS cases). Most of the time it's a new case that was returned.

Here is an example of how they also list used cases.
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I play one of those Martins.. Be very careful you have a fourteen fret to the body tenor it is 2” longer than many tenor cases you will need length measurements of the case before buying a mistake. You may be best off with a Uke crazy hard foam and canvas case as several tenor cases are just not quite long enough Or very very snug and not a good fit. As many suggested shipping will be expensive so you need to look locally.. you really are not allowing shipping at your price even the cheapies like Glarry just won’t quite fit what you have.
Update: I ended up buying a new Glary case from eBay for only $39.58 and free shipping. The deal was too good to pass up! Hopefully I will feel the same way after receiving the case. :)


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