Strings Tenor ukulele tuned to ADF#B - string gauge recommendation?

Mark Nickson

Jul 19, 2015
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I've got a tenor I'd like to tune up to linear ADF#B. I'd like to use D'addario Pro-Arte wound third and fourth strings and Savarez fluorocarbon trebles. Can anyone suggest what gauge strings I should use to achieve appropriate normal tenor string tension across the four strings when tuned up to ADF#B?
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According to this

the normal g string is the 224

I'd use that use for the f#

for the high b, I'd go thinner, perhaps .52

maybe even the .50
I never tuned to D. These days a number of tenor ukulele players are tuning tenors down to B or Bb.

I might have a starting point for you, but unfortunately don't have an ending point.

There was a gentleman named Dirk Wormhoudt that was very much a string, and instrument, expert. He operated Southcoast Strings. Sadly Dirk got ill and passed away. But here is a starting point for your search.

At some point in time, there was an effort to get Dirk's sourcing information so that the people who relied on Southcoast for strings could continue to get them.

It is probably safe to say that ukulele strings, at least fluorocarbon, are in fact fishing leader. It is not safe to say that all ukulele strings come from the same source since there are numerous manufacturers. The source is always the key.

I have seen Oasis advertise their Baritone strings as Southcoast. That doesn't mean they offer a LL-NW set. I "think" LL-NW stands for Linear Light-Nonwound. Also, a wound C string might work for a wound B.

I never recommend just buying a bunch of fishing line as the cost is so prohibitive, sometimes to the point of being able to buy another ukulele. Many times a lot of it will be of no use, especially if you don't have a number of ukuleles to string. If you can find someone who sells packaged ukulele string sets you like, that is the best way to go.

Hopefully, someone here can direct you to a supplier that can provide a packaged set that will work.

Good luck.

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The "problem" with Southcoast now is that we don't know the gauges or the manufacturer. So it's guesswork. Which is where my suggestion above came from.

but your suggestion of baritone strings is a good direction. If you can find a baritone set for GCEA that should give you ADF#B for tenor scale. Like this :
The "problem" with Southcoast now is that we don't know the gauges or the manufacturer. So it's guesswork. Which is where my suggestion above came from.
My hope in posting about Southcoast is that someone had been able to decipher, or closely replicate, what Dirk had done.

Yeah I started my search with the post mentioned above (and cribbed my title from it). I looked online and at UU and was unable to find the string gauge for Dirk’s strings mentioned in that post.

From what I’ve gleaned from the information offered here and found elsewhere I’ve ordered the .0197 and .0205 Savarez strings, I had the .0224 on hand. I also ordered the D’Addario Pro-Arte silverwound in .025, .026, .028 and had a few of the next lower gauges of these on hand. I’ll try these out and see what sounds and feels right to me. Thank you to everyone who pitched in with advice.
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