Tenor ukulele turned into baritone - the inexpensive way


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May 26, 2011
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trondheim, norway
I have never liked the tenor ukulele in GCEA tuning, which I have mentioned on this forum occasionally. I prefer DGBE, with low or high D. Lately, I have been watching youtube videos and reading about specially made strings for such tunings. However, the fact is that from a regular classical guitar set you can just remove the two E strings, and use the middle four strings for DGBE tuning (low D in this case). No expensive special strings required. The sound, intonation and string tension is excellent.
Good video and suggestion. It makes a lot of sense. Can you share brand of classical strings you used and gauge. Where I‘m living a Set of classical strings costs the same as the Bari/tenor set like Sarah Maisel sells. I see now that Romero creations has the baby tenor set. At least I think that is the company. Anyways good one you for offering up a simple yet effective solution. I get my strings once a year from Strings by Mail as all the music stores by me only have a few types of ukulele strings. I’m going to check the classical rack next time I’m out and see what I can come up with!
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