The 9th annual Ukulele World Congress June 2-3rd 2017


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Jan 14, 2008
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Brown County Indiana
June 2nd- 3rd 2017

About 10 miles from Nashville Indiana off HWY45 at @ 4600 Plum Creek Rd.

Free! Compliments of Mainland Ukes

Many people show up Friday afternoon, but more and more people are showing up a day or two or three early.
You're welcome to come a day or two early, but you might end up helping with the mowing and set-up.
Some people don't leave till Monday or later!
There will be a potluck again Friday evening about 5 to 7pm. Mainland will have free water and drinks available until they run out.
There is an open mic each evening as well as a lot of other jammings all day and playing around the bonfire all night.

Nothing official planned for Sunday, but it's YOUR party so you guys can do what you want! Last year, Sunday had some nice low-key jamming and folks hanging around trying to find any excuse to prolong the experience.
This year we will be encouraging people to perform in Nashville during the week at local restaurants and the visitors center
The site for the UWC is a couple of big, well maintained fields with no permanent structures except for the stage. Both the fields are at least partially bordered by woods and a creek. Camping under shade is a good idea. There are a lot of good on-site camping areas, in the back of "parking field" there are some sweet drive up and camp spots that have shade for a lot of the day.
No dogs allowed.
No guitars.
No drums.
No fireworks.
There is basically an unlimited amount of parking and camping space. Portable toilets will be on site.
The stage field will be closed to vehicle traffic on Friday and Saturday.

Nashville is only about 10 minutes away from the UWC site and has a good variety of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.


Primative camping is free at the UWC site! (No showers sorry)
The local YMCA in Nashville sells $8 day passes.

Nashville is not far and the Needmore store, good for some basics is only about a mile away.

Nashville has an IGA for food and other supplies.

There is also a liquor store in Nashville and a CVS.

If you are flying ,Indianapolis International airport is about an hour or so away.

Google map to the site:,0.2635&z=13

See you then family! Mike and Tookta
I became ill Friday night and had to leave early this year. so I am already looking forward to next June. Thanks Mike!
I had some health issues myself and missed #8 entirely, but I plan to be back with at least one daughter for #9. See you there Steve.
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Just under the 3 month mark, and this thread is AWFULLY quiet. Isn't it time for us Midwesterners to come out from hibernation?
Last year I was a virgin, this year I'm a regular!!!
I plan to make it for the third in a row
What happens on Saturday?
What happens on Saturday?

About 800 ukulele players have a fantastic time out in the country, some people hang out and jam all day, some go into Nashville to shop or do tourist stuff for a few hours, some people go on a hike, in the evening there is an open mic on stage.
Hey Mike Do we know what bridges are scheduled for construction this year? early warning would be appreciated. See you in June!
Shirts designed by Mike Hind are up for sale!! Pre-order closes Saturday, May 14th.
1. only 50 extra unisex shirts will be ordered beyond the pre-order
2. All women's shirts must be pre-ordered, BUT they are woman's shirts, not juniors.
3. All pre-orders must be picked up at Mainland Ukulele. They should be there the Wednesday before the fest.
4. If you have questions or concerns, please message me or ask below.
Aloha everyone, really missing being on the field.
DeG, please be sure to sing He `Ono for me, mahalo!
Thom and David, please play Dead.
Alan, some Dylan please.
Seeso and Greg - play whatever! :D
I know Sukie will be On Fire.
Sally will be in Margaritaville.
Oh man, maybe I should not have even started this!
Tim Clark, Tim Szerlog - some Cream perhaps?
Bhatman, Rel-Bar, M!m, Freeda, Matt(s), Rob(s), Mandi, Andy, JT, Derek, Hiver, Tookta

ARGHHHHH! *sniff* I can't stand it anymore!

Have the BEST time, OK?

See you next time!
Started a new job today. I did remind the bosses that during the interview, that I could only work 2 days the first week since Monday was Memorial day and Thursday was travel to UWC day. Luckily they were fine with that.
It was a great time. A lot of really good musicians up on stage, the food was fantastic, and the weather couldn't have been better. We were already planning for next year on the way home today.
Just saw the video of Seeso playing Some Kind of Wonderful.
I have to share a little story:
When I was a little kid, like third grade little, my mom had a friend who played guitar in a local band. He was good. We used to go see his band "Nobody" at local restaurants. They used to play that song and it was my favorite.
It was because of him that in 4th grade I asked my mom for guitar lessons - and the rest is history hahaha.
He eventually ended up being the guitar player for Juice Newton (remember her? Queen of Hearts!).
Anyway watching that video put me right back on the field, and gave me back a fun memory from childhood too!
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