UU Podcast The Best Holiday Uke Songs | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #96

Ukulele Christmas Albums, Guitar to Uke, & Nail Care​

The UU Boys are sharing what Holiday Uke Songs they blast during the season. Along the way, the guys get sidetracked with stories of musician's enjoying their own music, and get into their favorite non-uke Christmas Songs. Aldrine also offers advice for holding Am, switching between Guitar and Uke, cleaning your freatboard, taking care of your nails, and tightening a geared tuner.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:16 Are we using a Sound Board?
2:20 What are your go to Ukulele Holiday Songs?
6:40 Honorable mentions
10:55 Daniel Ho's Christmas Album
14:55 Liking your own music
18:20 Aldrine's Favorite Holiday Songs
21:45 Aaron's Favorite Holiday Songs (Hanson Sidetrack)
25:15 Kahai's Favorite Holiday Song
25:55 Traditional Christmas Songs
28:05 Tips for holding Am
33:10 Dobro/Resonator Ukuleles
34:30 What Music Genres do you like?
37:45 Digging deeper into genres that you don't like
40:50 Tips for switching between Guitar and Uke?
44:50 How Guitar and Uke differ
47:15 Fretboard Cleaning Tips
52:15 Have you written a song to court someone?
56:20 How long are your nails?
58:30 What do you do for Nail Care?
1:00:25 Have you tried Press On or Gel Nails?
1:04:30 How to tighten geared tuners
1:06:15 Open Mic this Thursday

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