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First up is "Sophomore Prom" from the apparently rather poor 1929 MGM comedy "So This is College". Here's the slightly longer recording I used as the template for the ukulele sheet:

Next, "There'll Be Some Changes Made", which Cliff performed on his radio show; it also appeared on the posthumous album "Shakin' the Blues Away".

Finally for today, "Six Women (Me and Henry the Eighth)" from the film "George White's Scandals" (1934), one of a successful series of excuses to slap together a few musical items and a bit of comedy, occasionally with a fragile wisp of plot. The version in the movie is slightly different to this recording.

You might think that a song in which a man considers that both he and Henry VIII have been badly treated by women is slightly problematic, but when you realise that the film also features Jimmy Durante in blackface it's safe to say that it's not the worst part of the whole show.

As you'll hear from this YouTube link, there's a lengthy spoken section during which Cliff plinks away at his uke. The few chords shown for this part are pretty broad guidelines and meant to suggest the rough area for you to do the same, rather than being simply chords to strum as shown. I've shied away from the tune largely because of this bit, but decided to bite the bullet and type up what I could.

Since the project began simply as a collection of songs for me to play, it's a bit untidy and not as clearly laid out as it should be. With that in mind I've typed up a list of all the songs I've formatted so far.

songs in the cep.jpeg
That's another notch on the fretboard! Took a while to trim down the number of chords in this one to something reasonable (it would be easy to go further, since some of the remaining chords are awfully similar, but I leave that to individual players), but it's pretty playable and a fun little number. I really enjoy putting some of these largely forgotten older songs into a more accessible, modern format, hopefully bringing them to the notice of people who might discover a new favourite to play. This one is out of US copyright.

Felt slightly refreshed after the now customary (and currently unavoidable) afternoon nap, so spent an hour this evening working on another Cliff Friend composition. A jaunty little number, with the added bonus of some mild digs at the main figures of the 1928 United States presidential election, for those of you who enjoy topical comedy… Here's Cliff Edwards performing it:

One more for the pot: I'm not deliberately choosing songs written by Cliff Friend, he just wrote an awful lot of them.

This one is nice and slow, so there's plenty of time to move between chords. I removed a few nonetheless, because in some sections there was a new chord for each word and… I'm too tired for that right now.

Next, "There'll Be Some Changes Made", which Cliff performed on his radio show; it also appeared on the posthumous album "Shakin' the Blues Away".

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I’ve wanted to learn this tune ever since buying the great Chet Atkins/ Mark Knopfler album two decades ago. Thanks so much for posting!
EDIT: Three decades ago….
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Two more for the pot! Am I Blue? went smoothly, but working out the lyrics Cliff sings to Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley! was not so easy. I think I have them almost correct, but you can see on the songsheet the words I've highlighted as I'm less certain of them. Do let me know if you hear them differently and have other suggestions (I've linked to the recording below). Unfortunately, Cliff's version is substantially different to the sheet music and every other recording I've found, so there seems to be nothing definitive written down.

PDFs of the sheets can be downloaded from the project folder, linked in the first post of this thread.
I remember the first time i ever heard Doc (Tor Bekken) was playing this tune for the Seasons and it's still one of my favorite videos of his...

"A typical Isham Jones foxtrot song" according to the cover of the sheet music—which sounds a little less enthusiastic than was probably intended—today's addition to the Cliff Edwards Project was brought to the attention of a new audience by Joe Brown, at the 2002 "Concert for George" memorial for noted ukulele fan George Harrison. It won't surprise you that I'm linking to one of Cliff's performances, though:

A surprisingly popular and enduring college song from 1912, written by a student, which inspired a couple of movies, a painting, and probably a later number titled "She's the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys". Here's a link to Cliff singing it:

Since I managed an early start this morning, here's a second sheet I typed up: "Minnie My Mountain Moocher" written by Cliff Edwards himself. The sheet is mainly based on his recorded version, but it appeared with substantially different lyrics in the film "The Avenging Rider," a clip of which can easily be found on YouTube.

No sign of any sheet music online for this one, despite being out of copyright and by a well-known composer, but I cobbled together a songsheet from performances by a couple of people. It may change when I play it again and decide that I have no idea what I was thinking.

One of the better known tunes on the list, "I Can't Give you Anything But love (Baby)" by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh (1928).

Lastly for today, "Reaching For Someone (And Not Finding Anyone There)" by Edgar Leslie and Walter Donaldson (1929). Leon Redbone did a good version of this song, but this isn't the Leon Redbone Project.


One for the Maurice Chevalier fans today, although of course I've based the songsheet on a performance by Cliff Edwards. This was written for the 1929 picture "Innocents of Paris".

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