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Sep 11, 2010
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Clifton Heights, PA
I listed this Blackbird BTU tenor for a steal a while ago, but held onto it after I was able to sell one of my HF-3s, for next to nothing, too :( Anyway, it's wintery here outside Philadelphia again and I hate it! So, the Blackbird-- it's awesome in this weather. I don't really take anything but my Flukes out and about anyway, but even in my basement- where I usually play, it gets frigid around this time of year because the heat doesn't really work downstairs.

Thusly, the koa ukes usually get cased up and set aside for a few months. I've never had a single humidity-related issue with any of my instruments because I take care of them really well, but I find- and it could well be it's only in my head- that they just don't sound the same this time of year. The real noticeable issue is, though, is that I always layer up because I hate the cold; which is where the BB comes in. Even when I'm rocking a hoody down here, all bulked up in threads, the BTU is still really comfortable to hold because of the 3D sculpted back (if you've never noticed- do a google search and look at the back). This also comes in handy for we beer drinkers with disproportionately bloated bellies and such. Traditionally shaped ukes are more of a burden to cradle when I'm wearing a puffy coat and such :roll eyes:

Also, this BB sounds a lot different than anything I've ever owned-- and I've owned A LOT. The sustain is pretty special, despite that aspect having never really been a characteristic I've sought out in any instrument I play, really, guitar and especially ukulele. I'll always have a koa uke in tow, because to me it's necessary, so I don't think I could even say I'd be A1 with the BB BTU being my only uke. That said, I need to remind myself this again come Memorial Day-time when I'm thrashing on my HF-3 and Laughlin 3K.

I don't play finger-style stuff ever. I came across this Gerald Ross tab when searching out Peanuts Christmas tunes. Apologies to Mr. Ross because, if memory serves, he doesn't play low G stuff. Anyway, my point is the tab is pretty simple, because I stink, but I'm happy with my progress after spending very little time on it. I added some strums because, like I said, I don't know what I'm doing or how to read tabs lol.

Give it a go! Christmas time ain't here yet, and there's time left!

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