The Emoticon Song---Newbie Post!


Mar 27, 2016
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Hartford, CT
Hi All, I heard that I could post a link to my YouTube video here. Please let me know if I have broken any rules and I will make sure that I correct it as soon as I come back on here.

This past Thursday, I purchased a ukulele (after failing at self-teach on various instruments) and I was able to post my first cover song, You Are My Sunshine the next day! I have NEVER been able to play a whole, complete song, so you can imagine how much love I have for the ukulele right now!

This video link is for my second video---an original (silly song) composition titled, The Emoticon Song--just something fun to keep me practicing. I recorded this 48 hours after my ukulele purchase so, of course, it's very poorly played but I'm having a ton of fun!! I'm looking forward to learning more and more!!

Thanks for viewing and I look forward, as time allows, to viewing other people's videos and commenting! :)

~ Kim (big time newbie--already a ukulele addict!) :) :)
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Thanks for posting, it is always nice to hear original songs.
Thanks for posting, it is always nice to hear original songs.

Hi Laura!! thank you--I just finished my first serious original song. I'm planning on recording it but want to try and at least show some improvement (hopefully!) before I do! I'll post the link when I'm finished! :) Thanks so much for your kindness! :)
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