The Gift of Uke

Are you giving the gift of uke this year?

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Mar 16, 2021
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Buffalo, NY
Are you giving somebody an ukulele for Christmas? Are you giving somebody some new ukulele strings for Christmas? How about a new ukulele tuner, or ukulele strap? Maybe a new ukulele method book? Or maybe a book on the history of the ukulele? Perhaps you’re giving somebody a ukulele lesson subscription for Christmas? Maybe you’re playing your ukulele in a church service or similar holiday celebratory event? Could it be that you are giving somebody a new ukulele artist CD? Are you giving somebody a t-shirt or necktie with an ukulele on it?

Gifts to self don’t count!
I give my neighbors the gift of my never playing outdoors ......

No to all of the above.
I did already!

I gave a used pink shark to a fourth grader at my school... she was so happy!

I buy new overstock - and returned "open Box" - ukes on the cheap during the year from eBay and then open up "Mr. K's ukulele shop" in my classroom in December. As a result of this, three kids in my school WILL be getting ukuleles this year!

And today, I was in a Thrift Shop and I spotted a Kala tenor. I started to play it and the whole store lit up. As soon as I put it down, someone else snatched it up and bought it. So there is one more person who will be getting one!

And: I still have a few laying around so I might not be done yet!
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Tis the season! Yes, I'm gifting a used but quite nice uke to our grandson, Aidan. He's been playing now for about a year and a half. He's getting a nice solid spruce top/solid maple b&s tenor. I installed a Flight Soundwave system in it a few months ago. I think he will be pleasantly surprised. Only wish I was there to see him open it . . . he's in the UK and I'm in Portland. Encouraging him in his journey makes us both very happy.
My uke group has a pot luck party every Memorial and Labor Day during which I award a uke that has been donated for a raffle, with all the proceeds going to The Ukulele Kids Club. This year we decided to have a holiday pot luck and raffle, for which I put up one of my ukes that I can't play anymore due to nerve damage in my neck. All of my ukes are tenor cutaway, this one has two sound holes.

The winner of the raffle is new to playing and asked if I could substitute a concert that she was told would be better for her. I didn't have a concert in the stash of raffle ukes, but I told her I have a Kala soprano, which she agreed to take.
Not a uke but I gave a friend's kid an old guitar. She's been wanting to learn to play and I had an old vintage dreadnought in good working order that wasn't expensive. Will give her a chance to try it out and stick with it for a while before her parents invest money in an upgrade. I love giving the gift of music.
I’m getting one each for my lil niece and nephew! They’ve been playing my old makala dolphin and sharing it. Very excited to stoke the flames of their natural love for it!
I wish someone in my family showed interest in playing the ukulele, I'd be happy to gift them one! I've gotten nothing but polite, "No thanks" replies to multiple offers to teach my daughters to play. I gifted my wife an Enya Nova when she kept dinging up my mahogany Ohana. She'll play it only when our group of people get together to play which is only about 4 times a year. She's not alone in that respect, one other member of the group confessed they hadn't played uke since we last met and that was 3 months ago!
Mele Kalikimaka! I guess I'm a day late, but my extended Portland family is mostly Norwegian and they would say "God Jul!" (Merry Christmas!)

Our family opens presents on Christmas Eve, but that morning we went to Christmas church together. I actually stopped carrying a purse a few years ago and just carry a gig bag and then throw a small wallet in it. I take it literally everywhere--but I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school my entire life! Something stopped me from carrying it to Church, maybe the memory of a churlish nun with a ruler I guess. I didn't feel like carrying that into Church so I didn't bring it with me. When I saw my little nephew he actually stiff-armed me to stop our hug! He looked at me questioningly and said "Uku?"

I am not sure he has EVER seen me without it before, how hilarious! And he didn't want a hug unless I had it 😂

Anyhow, he continued to miss it at dinner than night until he was able to open his own. Look at that pure joy and excitement! The niece got one too and is no less loved, but I think the photos didn't come out as nicely.


That next morning my really awesome partner helped produce a little recital for me to perform for my family both here and at the other end of the country. It was a really beautiful, chill way for me to get some performance experience longer than a single song and was nice for friends and family to live chat with us. Very cozy for everyone! And of course the nephew played along with me on his new instrument :love: To be honest we are all panicking a bit since he appears to be a natural lefty 😂


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