The Hawaiian steel guitar changed American music. Can one man keep that tradition alive?

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Sep 14, 2021
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Pedal steel player player Speedy West poses for a portrait at a luau celebrating his album “West Of Hawaii” in 1958. (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
Thanks for the article. This is such a cool instrument though I personally don't know anyone who owns or plays it. I think this was also the first electrified instrument with a pickup many years before the regular guitars.
Mālie Lyman is the great-granddaughter of famous ukulele player "Aunty" Genoa Keawe. She is mentioned at the end of the Alan Akaka article. In this video, she is accompanying her mother. I have seen her performing at a couple of shows in Honolulu. There are more videos of her on YouTube.
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Just got some great news! Hadn't seen Tets, our steel guitar player since before the pandemic. Found that he's playing a gig with a small group on thurs & turns 100 this year! 😎 He used to tell me that I shouldn’t use written music - he never did; he’d just ask me the key of the next song & he’d simply play the leads & fills.

Once in a while, get to jam with Kamaka, who's excellent on steel guitar, guitar & bass.
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