UU Podcast The Hot Seat! | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #71

Classical String Substitution, Pineapple Dead Spots, and Expanding Your Strumming​

You're watching the Hot Seat! It's the podcast with hot questions and even hotter seats! Today, we're joined by Magic Mike. On a totally normal Podcast, the guys are answering questions about classical guitar strings, t shirt collections, and calluses. The team also helps someone with expanding their strumming, and explain what extended chords are. If that's not enough, there's an announcement for an upcoming guest, some ramen fixing tips, and an inquiry into a specific problem with Pineapple Ukuleles. Welcome to the show. How are you with Spicy Seating?

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:45 A totally normal podcast

3:30 Why there was no podcast last week

10:25 Mike in the hot seat

12:05 Special Guest: May 5th Podcast at 11 AM HST

14:40 Can a classical guitar D string be used as a Low G string?

15:45 What are the equivalent Classical Guitar strings for Ukulele?

20:20 Go to Scotty's Music to meet Mike

22:40 How much t-shirts does Aldrine have?

26:40 Is it bad if you lose your player's calluses?

28:30 Good Friday & Local Deluxe

30:55 Kamaka Pineapple's Dead Spot

39:45 Jake Shimabukuro Model

43:40 Expanding strumming

49:05 Learning strumming without the internet

51:40 Can you glue a crack in an ukulele?

56:25 What are extended Chords?

58:45 Advanced theory: The Third and Seventh

1:01:00 Extending the Songwriting Challenge, Sammy Turton on May 5th

1:02:50 Where can we find Mike?

1:04:10 Shop.UU , Plant a Tree

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