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Today is my 78th birthday. I am the oldest living Yates in my family, but I don't yet feel like an old man, even though I'm no longer asked if I get a seniors' discount, they just assume that I do. I decided it was time to add this Pete Seeger/Anonymous song, My Get-Up-And-Go Has Got Up And Went to my repertoire.

That old Martin D-21 has picked up a few battle scars since I got it in the late seventies. . . but so have I.
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I was learning a guitar solo for the Queen Season, but I ended up getting distracted by the ukulele challenge on Reddit. So, here's some Creedence for y'all.

I was learning a guitar solo for the Queen Season, but I ended up getting distracted by the ukulele challenge on Reddit. So, here's some Creedence for y'all.

Great job, Arvin!
We're only halfway through the week, so there still quite a bit of time for SOTU 528 ;)
One I mean to do for Christopher’s John, George, Paul, Ringo Season but never got round to it. A short and sweet one from Paul.
I was grading some data science assignments this afternoon. It was maybe an hour's work, but it was also incredibly tedious, so I managed to stretch it out to take a good four or five hours instead. In the absence of more train songs to listen to, I came up with this nonsense while I was at it:

I think what I'm saying is, please send more train songs so that I don't do this sort of thing again.
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From 2018 and week 337, not sure whether to post it there or in this week's thread, but I hope you find it worthy of the re-post,,,,

This song is about an inedible kind of cookie, so I don't think it fits the current season. But after Brian (pabrizzer) suggested it, it put the idea in my head. So I spent my lunch break today thinking about cookies of the internet variety... just like edible cookies, they're bad for you if you have too many and consume them without thinking...

Four year old Fenn Rosenthal had a 3 million viral hit called Dinosaurs in love. Since my Uke playing has regressed to a four year old level, I thought I could give it a go.
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Nevada the Evil Beauty suggested strongly she wanted to help this season. She lied. But the camera was running so …

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This is definitely not punk, but I felt like recording it, so I did. It's a song I wrote during FAWM about Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. Actually I should say I co-wrote it with her, because she had quite a way with words, and many of the lyrics (including the title and chorus) are taken from things she wrote.

One day I hope to be able to play it like I want it to sound, but this will do for now...


This is also not punk, but it's been an inescapable earworm the moment I heard it that I just had to grab all my instruments and jam along.

I'll try to jump back into the official Seasons again though.
Ila did a season about angry or vengeful women a while back. That season's over now but I wrote a happy upbeat little murder ballad I just really can't resist sharing.


Had myself a late night jam session last night. This was the first day I'm playing this song, so I'm hoping to come back to this tune and improve on it.