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My FAWM friend Ken Mattsson ( got himself an 8 string baritone ukulele recently, and decided he had to use it to write a song in the style of me. Just to show that he got it pretty much spot on, I thought I'd better record it too, so here it is (there's a link to Ken singing it in the description, although I notice he's only using 4 strings there!).

from January of 2020, I think it is worthy of re-posting for Week 582, In the Kitchen...
Or was it From the Kitchen?
This number was performed in Jon's kitchen, and with 4 cameras rolling, we see a lot of it.
This is a song called "Hidamari Michi" (A Sunny Road) from the anime series Non Non Biyori. It was composed by Hiromi Mizutani. I played this at today's Seasonistas Zoom open mic.

This is really lovely. Well done!

This would've been my 2nd entry for the Berries, Fruits & Japan Season, but it was a little more complex than I had anticipated since it's full of tongue twisters for my fingers.

I've loved this melody the moment I first heard it, it just took me a little while to actually learn it and be able to play it smoothly!
I won a book on alternate tunings for ukulele for one of Edwin's Seasons several months ago. I have thanked him before, but I just made another short video to thank him again.

The book is handy, Edwin. Thank you!
This one doesn't fit this week's theme unless you count the monsters that think closing libraries is a good idea. I heard it on a live youtube stream last night (link in video description) and I loved it and wanted to sing it, so I did.

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Thanks for sharing this song, Edwin! Love the message.

I am here again. Seems like the misfit thread suits me.
So I am slowly but surely re-building my YouTube channel again, after having deleted it too many times over the years.
I just spent too much time typing out the words of a song (story) I made up for Season 180 of the Ukulele, hosted by Big Daddy Uker.
David wanted us to post anything related to Butte, Montana, where he is from. So I did some research and made up this story. More details and "lyrics" in the YouTube thing.
(I hate typing. So I hope the pain of having to type will stop me from deleting my channel again. :--))

Anyway, the cartoons made me laugh. Haven't looked at this for ages. Good memories. I really had such a blast making this.
I thought I will share this here to have a few views and hopefully give whoever is watching a smile!

This song doesn’t fit this week’s theme, but playing this song 4 months ago started my current thing for old jazz standards, and it’s time to revisit - I’ve improved when I thought I was standing still.

after several months of waiting, the new stock for a guitalele that I wanted finally came in.
It is by Valencia, model is VC350. I wanted it after enjoying playing my Yamaha GL1, where I also find myself constantly wishing the nut width could be a bit wider. I noticed most brands make their guitaleles around 48mm nut width and that is what is on my Yamaha. So when I read that Valencia makes this cheap model with 52mm width I wanted to get one. Cordoba makes one that is really awesome (with wider nut width too) but they seem to have stopped making it. At least I know I can't get it from the shops (both online and physical) here.

the verdict on Valencia VC350? yea it is much easier for me to fret on the wider fretboard. Although by now, I have already gotten used to my Yamaha too, haha!!!
here is a recording.