The Mr. Moonlight Uke Sticker Design Contest!!!!

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Apr 2, 2011
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I was inspired by my post about a printing a uke sticker I designed for myself to create a contest for the best uke sticker.

So here's the rules:
1. Design must be 100% original.

2. It must be in only Black and White. Halftone is acceptable if you know how to create one.

3. Final artwork must be in high resolution. Jpeg/tiff/psd/pdf/ai/eps... are all fine formats. If it's just a scan of a drawing that's fine too. I can convert it to B&W.

4. Artwork must be either 2.13"X2.75" or 4.25"X1.38"

5. If you want your design to bleed off the edge of the sticker, then make sure you add approximately 1/4" extra to your image that will be cut off. I can help the winner put together the final artwork.

6. Entries must be posted to this thread by Dec 25th. Enter as many times as you like.

7. Depending on how many entries there are, I will choose the runner ups and will post a thread for everyone to vote on their favorite. The winner will go to print and I'll send them a stack. Everyone else can paypal me $1 for a few stickers to cover postage/envelopes until they are gone. I don't foresee any proceeds, but if there are, it will go towards a future sticker contest.

So design away. Pictures, your favorite uke phrase, a schnazzy graphic... anything as long as it's uke related. Remember, these will probably go on cases that are mostly black so just keep that in mind.

Here's my sample from the other thread
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Forgot to mention. Stickers will be printed on high quality vinyl so you can stick them on your cases, bumpers, books, foreheads... and they'll stay put and won't run when wet.
Heres my attempt: Ukesticker.jpg

I might post another soon! Hope you like it!

These are great! Keep em' coming!

Only one thing, Boydellinii, the printer only runs black ink only. So no shades of gray. For example your second to last image will have to converted to just black. Example below of the conversion.


In photoshop you can use the "stamp" filter - Filter/Sketch/Stamp: then adjust the smoothness and light/dark balance to taste. I can always do this for anyone if you don't have the software.
Here's a sticker I did a long while back as another example. It was for my DJ crew in San Francisco and it came out really nice. I converted it from a sketch through rubber stamp in Photoshop. It's good to have high contrast, such as lots of pure blacks and whites.
Here's my entry

Thought I'd do a design. Hope Uke like!


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wow they're all really cool! :)

What a fun idea, I'll have to have a go :)
I'm always asked, "Is that a violin?, is that a mandolin?"
This sticker on the case would be a lifesaver.

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Here's my first there any way we can purchase these when this is over?
Yeah, I'm only going to print the winners, but I will send the winner a stack. For everyone else, I'm thinking $1 via paypal to cover postage/envelopes. After Paypal takes their cut their should be a little left over to cover some print costs. If I can cover it all plus a bit extra I'll post another sticker contest with the proceeds. If you don't have a way to send paypal I can still get some stickers out to you if you're in the U.S. I have a couple stamps and envelopes lying around here somewhere.

Nice Job BTW. Love it!
Crud... Not done with mine yet... ah well. Next time I suppose. :)
Will see what I can do . I can change sizes

Thai uke B&W.jpg

thai uke 2.jpg

thai uke 3.001.jpg

thai uke5.001.jpg

If it matters much, there will be a Thailand Ukulele Festival in Bangkok at the end of February. Several UU members plan to be there.
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If people want a little more time, I don't mind extending the deadline a couple days. I imagine a lot of people may be pretty busy with family stuff and shopping right now!

I'm extending the deadline until Wednesday for all those who have been too busy shopping. Plus I won't be back into the office to look over all the great options on a big screen anyways. So the new deadline is December 28th, midnight EST.