The note that never ends!


Jan 7, 2024
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Southbury CT
I’m sure this has happened to a lot of you people, but it was such a surprise.

I was sitting on my couch playing a mahogany tenor, I picked the G string open and was amazed at the incredible sustain. It just went on and on!
I played it again and the same thing! Amazing!
Then I played it once more but immediately covered the string. The note continued to go on even though I was holding down the string!!
Then I realized that all of the ukuleles on the wall behind me were picking up the note and carrying it on!
I got a good laugh. So now when people say, why do you have so many ukuleles, you can only play one at a time, I can tell them, actually, I play them all at once! :p
You can hear the reverberance in my room whenever I sneeze!
When I play around with amplifiers, I get sympathetic (positive and additive) reactions from my "live audience" that is hanging around on walls and stands. It took me a while to figure out why it was so easy to produce feedback. They were all chiming in :)

Perhaps I was too loud...?
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I understand and I am here for you. When it comes to that resonance, I am sympathetic.
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