The REAL Season 491 ...Baby, You Can Drive My Car!


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Oct 2, 2012
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Half-way up a hill in Southwest France
Greetings, All! Please watch the video to find out the details for this week.

Ryan's splendid absolutely rubbish Season still has a while to run and - owing to circumstances beyond our control - I'm sure there is still a lot of catching up to do in the refuse department.

I shall, therefore, look forward to seeing you perhaps a little later than usual. I'll put up the Playlist when the entries start to arrive. Remember to enjoy yourselves, and, if you are able to find the time to comment on one another's contributions, I know it will be appreciated.

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VROOM! VROOM! And we're away! Thank you, Brian and Charley ... I'll put the Playlist up in a mo! And Brian (Ukefoote), I have obviously put the fluence on you ... now you will HAVE to contribute this week. And, Keith, "Beep, beep" to you, too!
Hello Val!
Wonderful theme! And i love the intro video.

Here is mine. It is a lil' animation i made a few months ago and I wrote a song today to go with it.
my dad has dementia. i decided it's time to take him to the seminar of flying ukuleles and Mentos sweets, in my Jaguar.
(Dad loves Mentos mints. He is addicted to them)
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Thanks for hosting Val! And from taking time out from handing out water bottles to the Peloton. I believe they are whizzing past up your mountain today. Here's one from Ignatius Popular...Iggy Pop to his friends.
In the early eighties I was living in a big old farm house with my two five-year old sons. My old pick-up truck had given up the ghost and I traded it on a Pinto from the seventies.
I got home and put the kids to bed and went down to watch some TV. I was watching Johnny Carson and one of his guests was Jim Stafford.
Jim Stafford and Johnny Carson.jpg
The intro to another guest went something like this:
Johnny: "Our next guest puts his life on the line every day. Have you ever been in a life threatening situation Jim?"
Jim: "Yes Johnny. Once on "Those Amazing Animals" I was in a cage with a Bengal Tiger and I even once rented a car from Hertz when the only thing available was a Pinto."

The audience roared with laughter, but I was clueless.
It was too late to phone anyone to find out what he was talking about and those were the days long before Google. I didn't find out till the next day at work what was so funny about his comment.
That was the worst car I ever owned. This song could be about my old Pinto.

You Don't Wanna Get You One Of Those - Mark Knopfler

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go to the playlist, "folder", and there is an arrow thing that we click on and it opens to a page of options.
Click on COPY to copy the link.
(Ooops, this is replying to Val)
Thanks for hosting Val x. Here's my bash at Drive by the Cars .......

a paoriginal written 2016 - thanks for hosting Val - what sort of car do you have? do you have a photo?

i hardly ever clean my vehicle - i took a photo of it recently after its biannual wash ...

btw i believe my favourite car ever owned was a (french)1969 Renault 16TS

or maybe our tiny suzuki 4x4

and we did have a red car - it was an alfa romeo - if you were very very quiet you could hear it rusting away...
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Oh, dear ... it is VERY late and we have just lost the football!!!! HOWEVER, big thanks to everyone who has contributed today ... we are up to eleven entries! I was looking for jokes about cars with which to regale you, but all the ones I could find were rubbish. There are some very strange car adverts out there, though, and this must be one of the weirdest - what image were they trying to convey???

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