The REAL Season 491 ...Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Here is a collaboration from FAWM 2021
- Music by L.J Montgomery (Copyright 2021 by Montgo Media (BMI) and Lyrics by yours truly:

The road illustrated in the video goes from the next town up from me, Sitges to Castelldefells. It used to be the main road south from Barcelona! Now it's only used by people who love scenic drives or else those who can't avoid the 15 Euro toll... or else are in no hurry:

Hope you enjoy:

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I have lost count of the times I have played this - a regular at our weekly uke sessions - but last night I realised that there's a car in the second verse, so any excuse...(also featuring a guest appearance by a dog's rear end)

Steve, your video seems to be unavailable!
mark mythinformed very kindly PM-ed me to say this fantabulous t rex song fits the theme perfectly! THANK YOU MARK!

"jeepster" (as well as "jeepster", the lyrics also include "car" and "jaguar")

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The World's Last Truck Drivin' Man Shel Silverstein

We were informed by Bobjking that there is "an unwritten ukulele law that at some point you have to record a song in your car," so I decided that this was the point where I'd give it a shot.
I've decided that once is enough; my phone kept falling off the dash. You'll notice that I took the time to fasten my seat belt. Since we don't have a printer and the library was closed, I had hand written lyrics taped to my steering wheel. They were mighty hard to read.
The world's last truck drivin man.jpg

Good morning & etc. to you all, from deepest France, where it is not, as yet, raining ... although it looks as though it might! Big thanks to Lynda, Jim and Rob, who came in "overnight." And thanks to Brian for finding that amazing version of "Baby, You Can Drive My Car!" for the women of Saudi Arabia! The Playlist has been updated and we have forty plus videos, but the highway has room for far more vehicles, so please keep them coming!
I just remembered this song yesterday, and realised it'd fit perfectly. It's a Magnetic Fields song, written by Stephin Merritt, who plays a lot of uke himself. The song is about the benefits of car ownership. I'm clearly not from New York, so try to imagine I'm singing about the Lower East Side of Alnwick.

My glockenspiel player complained that he hasn't had much to do lately, so I've given him a fairly big part here.
Good morning (and etc.) Everyone! I have just updated the Playlist ... thanks to Pa and Lynda for coming up trumps "overnight." It seems that all aspects of life can be encompassed in a "car song," if this week's splendid contributions are anything to go by! I look forward to more automobilistic (???) excitement today ... there is STILL room on the road!
I will set the lights to red for a moment, to let you know that the "Sign up for future Seasons" list has been refreshed right up to week 500.

The bad news is, we only have next week scheduled, and then lots of gaps, so if anyone wants to take on a week, I would love to hear from you. The thread is here - - so let me know on there.

Back to green, and we're off...
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