The REAL Season 491 ...Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

This must be my lucky day!
Following Rob reciting Bukowski has got to be a good sign.
I will keep my distance, though; it would be unwise to tailgate that guy.

Here is my take on a Robert Johnson song:

this is the first song I thought of when I looked at the season.
It has taken me till today to find the lyrics and chords and sort it out.
it's a well known track by The Manhattan Transfer.
I don't suppose anyone else will do this one! :^)
Another car song, Cadillac, an old blues number by Bo Diddley, on soprano. I first heard this tune a few years back on Martha's Vineyard, performed by local bluesman Johnny Hoy, of Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish. He sings and plays killer blues harp every Wednesday at the local divebar The Ritz Cafe, well worth it if you're ever on vacation there. Here's his version:

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Chuck Berry's first single! He wrote a lot of songs about cars and what happens in them.

Hi Val! A couple coming your way. Here’s one that has been covered by George Jones and Tammy Wynette AND John Prine and Iris Dement. Listen for the car name…. Thanks to Marc for kicking this one off.

(We’re Not) The Jet Set
Bobby Braddock
I will set the lights to red for a moment, to let you know that the "Sign up for future Seasons" list has been refreshed right up to week 500.

The bad news is, we only have next week scheduled, and then lots of gaps, so if anyone wants to take on a week, I would love to hear from you. The thread is here - - so let me know on there.

Back to green, and we're off...
if everyone who takes part in the seasons on a regular basis, were to host, i think we'd each only need to take the reins once or twice a year. but we have some folk who are regular participants and have never hosted, and others who haven't hosted in more than a year... and obviously that means other people have been stepping up alot, indeed i think val has womanfully captained our merry ship 5 times this year?

i'm wondering if some people feel they just never have a week when they can devote enough time to hosting... and if it's maybe time to open up a "hosting light" option, where a person can sign up to host as normal, post the season thread on a saturday night and introduce the theme in the opening post, and just leave it at that... without any obligation to view or watch every single video. we could skip having a playlist, and just work our way through vids via the posts here on the forum. this might be a stupid idea, it might be a crazy idea, but those are the only kinds of ideas i ever have, so there you go!

speaking of stupid ideas, here is grace jones' "pull up to the bumper", reworked as a hymn to the golf mk4 gti :uhoh:

Helloooooo…. Del sent me this one and I am crazy about it. Thank you, Del! It’s a Snow Patrol song that had great popularity here in the US after it was featured in a season of Grey’s Anatomy, a medical TV drama, according to Wikipedia. I first heard it from my friend Jeff, here in Maryland. He is one we should work on to join in on SOTU. Jeff Tubb. If you know him, pester him. Del should be posting this one, officially, but he generously offered to let me post. What a fella. :- )

Chasing Cars
Gary Lightbody, Jonny Quinn, Nathan Connolly, Tom Simpson, Paul Wilson
This is a song by the band Blitzen Trapper. When songwriter Eric Earley was young, his father worked in a sawmill in nearby Valsetz, Oregon. Valsetz was built and owned by the lumber company to support its workers. When the sawmill closed, the entire town was razed. There was a rumor that one guy had stayed there, living in the woods, and the song is sung from his point of view. The road that led to Valsetz was called Cadillac Road.

A collaboration with hill billy red neck poet Rpeek using midi file, garageband, rat rod footage and Richard himself reading his poem.
My apologies! I updated the Playlist and then forgot to say "Good Morning" or whatever is relevant to your particular timezone ... how very uncivil! Anyway, big thanks to all of you whose videos I have just added. It's the weekend now, and I'm sure you all want to take a recreational ride ... somewhere??? Looking forward to seeing some more anthems to the automobile today and hoping you will all enjoy these two days off!
I wasn't going to touch this one, It's a big song and a big vocal but hey I'm not here to do it perfectly, I'm here to give it a bash........

I took the train into Zurich to bring this one from my friend Lucy Novotny to you today.....

[AMadd11]She was a girl who could[Esus2] not survive
[AMadd11]on her own. It wasn’t [Esus2]her time
[AMadd11]so it was no[Esus2] surprise
[AMadd11]when she told me [Esus2]she
[AMadd11]didn’t know [Esus2]how to drive
[F#m]And then with some mo[D]ney she[A] got from her [E]dad
[F#m]she opened the newspaper and found an ad
for the most amazing car a girl like her
could have had.
It [D]was.. [A]big and brown [Esus2]
It [D]was [A]old and round[Esus2]
It [D]was an [A]electric powered convertible[Esus2]
I didn't have much energy tonight. So I picked the song I'd worked on that was most likely for one take to be enough. This is a song off the latest New Pornographers album.

Just a few minutes until 10 PM here on the left coast of the US, and nearing bed time. Been busy and my uke-ing self confidence has been at an ebb, but this one was just sitting there. I've heard this described as the best song ever written about having a suspended drivers license in the Mid West.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate again Val.
Nope, I didn't make enough time this week to learn Rush's "Red Barchetta" well enough to record a version to share with y'all :(

I did have time to get another Joe Strummer song together, though :)

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