The REAL Season 491 ...Baby, You Can Drive My Car!

Hi Val, thanks so much for hosting this week! Getting one in under the deadline here. Kimi was having trouble signing in so i'm posting it here for her. She suggested this one, and her powerful vocals are strongly featured here. She sent me a live take of uke and vocals. I added an electric uke part, and then we both added some "ride Sally ride's" on the chorus :) I hope everyone is doing well ~

My homework this week: Ray And His Little Chevrolet! It's from 1924, and it was written by this trio:

Grossman, Bernie [composer]
Baskette, Billy [composer]
Stanley, Jack [composer]

My car's a Suzuki SX4 S Cross, not a Chevrolet. However, I worked nine years for GM Europe, first a few years in customer care, and then at the warranty department, authorising dealers's payments for recalls, rework, warranty repairs, and policy decisions.
And with that contribution from Sabine - thank you, Sabine, and, indeed, thank you to all the contributors who have arrived in these last few hours - I now declare Season 491 officially closed. Please put your car back in the garage. I have had a great time this week, exploring the highways and byways of life through the humble automobile. The wrap will be published in the next few days. Meanwhile, it is time to go and make animal noises with Joo. THANK YOU ALL!!!!
Thanks for the great week, Val! I had to start a new account since I got locked out of old one. Thanks for posting our video, Kev! XP
Hello! Here is the Wrap for the week. There is a prize draw, so please watch the video to find out whether you have won. Thank you all for your contributions ... I had a great time on the "Highway of Life!" (I took a leaf out of Ryan's book here, but my "Tambourine of Truth" seems to have gone missing, so I made do with a very honest hat!)

Please could the winner PM me with their address.
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OH THANK YOU FOR THE PRIZE! ( haha, now everyone thinks I AM THE WINNER)

Great wrap Val! This is i think the first time I see hosts show what they er...put inside the hat.....

I like that!!!


(and congrats to the winner!)
Wow, I won? I never win anything! Thanks so much! Now I just need to win one of the 5 MassVAX $1M jackpots!
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