The Search is Over! New Baritone..


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Mar 29, 2012
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Maysville, Kentucky "on the banks of the Ohio"
I finally broke down and made a decision on a baritone purchase and ordered an Ohana BK-20 from MiM's this morning. She's was super easy to deal with and now all that's left is the waiting. She said probably 2 days shipping! Believe it or not, this was the first baritone I had looked at a couple of weeks ago, and after looking at EVERY single Ukulele on the internet, here I am back full circle. Go figure!

Thanks to all for your input. I think the resent poll / thread about top 3 Mid-range Uke's to stock, sorta helped me make up my mind. The Ohana's seemed to be a winner! I was looking at the Oscar Schmidt Koa's, but one mention Oscar Schmidt in the poll at all. I'm not really sure what that says, but it looks like Austin Bizzare and Amazon have cornered the market on them, and neither do any kind of setup, which is a main selling point for me. Their loss....

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