UU Podcast The Songs that Made Us | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #82

First Songs, Finger Rolls, Chunks not Chucks​

On this week's podcast Aldrine reveals, the first song he learned, and the first (couple) songs he was proud to have learned. Aldrine also explains what makes a good first song, and what made him proud to learn I'll Be Your Baby Tonight and Guava Jam. We get request for Aldrine to demonstrate Rolls, give tips for the Chunk, and exercises for Faster Playing. The guys also discuss Daily Practice amounts, and efficient playing/practicing.

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Questions Asked this Week:

0:07 It's gloomy outside, but we're bringing the fun

3:10 What was the First Song You Learned?

7:20 What makes Surf a good first ukulele song

11:30 Aldrine learning Kid's Songs

13:40 What makes a good first song?

15:55 The Best first Chords to learn

19:25 What was the First Song that you were proud to learn?

22:40 Aldrine learning by Ear, and First Time Teaching

26:00 Aldrine's First Picking Instrumental Song

29:35 Why were you proud to learn those songs?

32:05 Why learning by ear is satisfying

34:40 Please show your Finger Roll?

40:50 Two Finger, Five Finger, and Ten Finger Rolls

43:45 No Right and Wrong, but there are more efficient ways

46:25 Tips for the Chunk?

50:05 Why don't you use the palm for the chunk?

52:50 When would you use the palm?

56:00 Are all Ukulele Tuning Pegs the Same Size?

58:15 Are there useful exercises to become faster?

1:01:15 Form and Efficiency make faster playing

1:03:30 Daily practice amounts

1:06:55 Practice Structure

1:09:40 Difference between Practice and Playing

1:14:45 Washington Tour Dates

Website - Edmonds Parks (Workshop & Concert on September 7th)
Website - Oceana Ukuleles (Concert on September 8th)
Website - Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival (Workshops on 9th, Concert on 10th)
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