The Uke was banned by baseball?!

Could MLB have really banned the ukulele? It just seems so odd...
Totally bizarre. Does anyone know why they banned the uke? Seems you could do more harm with a tuba than with a uke... (still, I'm glad those guys won - I voted for them)
i guess they still remember that image of the ukulele, played Tiny Tim, that we are ever so struggling to shake off.
Apparently, the contest winner was supposed to sing. The tuba was not welcomed either. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like this:

"You want to play the ukulele, too? Oh, well all we have hooked up to PA is the one vocal mic. But I guess we can just plug in your ukulele, too. What, no cable? No pick-up? Sorry, I guess you'll just have to have the organist accompany you, as we had originally intended."

I have a really hard time believing that MLB actually banned the ukulele. There would be no profit in that. :p
I heard the tuba player was named by Jose Canseco in the steroid scandal.

My guess is some sort of contractual deal with the organ music. Just a guess.

No less insane, but I could see it being red tape.
My guess is some sort of contractual deal with the organ music. .....

I'd rather listen to a man play with his ukulele than play with his organ...

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the video that won

the only thing that i see as odd is the fact that everyone was expecting to see this version at the game. was the contest really just to sing?

there were news articles everywhere after they won promoting them playing with both instruments and singing.

and now that im looking into it more (last night, it was late - i didnt do all of my homework)

its hard to find much about it.
it talks about the winners.
there are things in the NY times about their submission, etc.

but other than on the video that was posted here and the article on

there really isnt much.

so i dont know what the deal is.
i still feel like collecting the videos, though.
i dont know if it was something in regards to them not having the equip to hook up the uke.. or what. even then, he should've been able to play on a mic.

i just dont see why or how someone could ban the uke, anyway.
whatever that means.
I'm guessing the sound people aren't competent to set up three mics (singer, ukulele, and tuba) instead of one.... either that, or the organ player threw a fit.

Sad how all of the newspapers went hush hush when the winners didn't get to play their instruments.
I'm not sure what all the details are... but I'm sure it has alot to do with contractual obligations.

The first contract I'm sure has to do with what ever the full deal was with "Baby-Ruth" Candy Bars and MLB due to "Baby-Ruth" being the sponsor of the contest. Loop-holes were everywhere in that contract I'm sure... and reading into the winning prize tells all.

Per the MLB/Baby Ruth Contest Website.
Sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and you could win the opportunity to lead the singing of it during the 7th inning stretch of the 2008 MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

Finalists receive a trip to the 2008 MLB All-Star Week ™ for themselves and one guest. Trip includes transportation to the MLB® All Star Weekend in New York, 2 tickets to the 2008 MLB All Star Game, and ground transportation to/from hotel/airport and 4 days/3 nights hotel accommodations.

First Prize winners will each receive one 2008 MLB All-Star Week ™ Gift Bag and one year supply of BABY RUTH ® product.

Notice that it does not say anything about using instruments (allowing or disallowing, so they can interpret the way they want) - the only thing in writing was that they were allowed to lead in the SINGING of the 7th Inning Stretch.

BTW - I would have assumed that since the uke and tuba were in the video, they SHOULD be in the performance (like the video that we all voted for), but MLB, Baby Ruth and the Stadium Organ Player probably saw differently.
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I work for the Fox affiliate in Portland (we carried the game). They actually showed part of the performance after the game during the commercial break. My understanding is (and I could be way wrong) that they actuallly did play during the seventh inning stretch at the game, but it was not televised (commercials were running at the time). I think seeso knows the guy, so maybe he has more insight.
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