The Ukulele (not a word) Game

If this had been earlier in my ukulele journey, I would have had several options on my wish list.
But I can’t think of anything now. I’m happy with my current ukuleles. Could my UAS be cured??
I’ve thought that before, though.
That is a very good place to be!
There are many ukuleles that I am curious to try.
Like a Blackbird Clara, a Rebel double creme, a Royal Pikake Koaloha, a Collings etc.

But I have enough decent quality ukuleles that I dont want to part with, have realized that no new ukulele is going to be a holy Grail to replace them all. It would just be another ukulele, albeit a good one.

My taste in ukuleles is simple, I like satin finish and modest decoration. Most ukes I am curious about would cost less than 2k. If I really though owning one would change my "ukulele life", I could find the money. But I believe it would be just another ukulele.

That being said, I would like to try some high end ukulele in real life, and I am not ruling out that I might buy one I like. But the quest is not on, right now I am trying to enjoy those I have.
Just gotta wait until your chosen curiousnesses turn up in the charity shop for under 50 quid. Then you jump. I found a brand new pair of Levis my size in Oxfam today for nine quid. That was almost better than my Risa Solid steal on FB. Want can transmogrify into need if opportunity cost is insanely low.
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