The Ultimate Word Game Thread


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Aug 16, 2008
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I've been meaning to do this for the longest time now, so here it goes. Let's start and ultimately super long, super amazing, WORD GAME! :rock:

Here's how you play:

First someone comes up with a word (I'll do that part). I pick the word "fish". The next post, someone has to reply with a word that starts with the last letter of the word previously said, like "hat". This is repetitive and can be what ever word you like. The next word could be "transformers". The pattern is shown more easily like this: fish-hat-transformers, and so on.

Here are some simple rules of this this thread:

1. Have courtesy to ours mods. We want to make this an exciting thread, but don't do anything that's inappropriate, wrong, or ticks someone off. Lets come up with some crazy-fun words, but keep it clean.

2.Refrain from posting pictures in this thread. This is not a picture game, but a word game. But, if it's a must because the word you use just has to come with a picture to explain your word (or show how awesome it is), then you can use a link to your pic. Smilies are ok.:cool:

3. There is no category for the words you chose. Someone can say "foot", and you can reply "trigonometry". This game is just that crazy!

4.Try to not use words that start with THE's. Don't reply "The Hobbit" or "The Godfather". The's are just cheap, and not very fantastic. But, if you need and "H", then you can say "the Hobbit" with a lowercase "t".

5. Don't start up a conversation, just keep it based on the word game.

6a. If you use a word that has been already said, don't worry about it. If this thread gets big enough, there's definitly gonna be some same words in there, but if it's pretty obvious that you stole it from some guy who posted a few posts before you, the guilt will eat you soul!

6b. And don't flame on people who used your word. Retaliate by making an awesomer word.

7. I know that you cannot post less than 10 letters, so just put dash lines (----) after your post

8. Don't let rules confine you
. Speak your mind! Unless you mind is very dirty. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!:)

Now that we've gotten the details aside, let's kick it off with......

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egg nog!


had to make this longer

(grr, stupid forum rules won't let me post less than 10 words)
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