Thickness drum sander.


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Mar 10, 2009
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Stockton on Tees..North East UK.
Ive noticed that another thickness sander is now being advertised made by Lumberjack ...But I can't find any reviews on it.
has any one seen one of these in action... this one handles 18 inch wide in a single pass......EDIT I've just found out it's very much like the Grizzly model.
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Supermax makes a pretty nice 19-38, but I'm sure it's a few bucks more than the Grizzly equivalent. I have the 16-32 version and like it - feel free to ask questions (although I don't have others to directly compare it to).

My understanding is that the guys who used to own Performax sold out to Jet, which now offers their older designs. They went on to start Supermax when their noncompetes expired, and recently sold that to Laguna tools. So there are at least four brands out there of drum sanders primarily designed by the same people.
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Looks like a winner. I checked the specs and it says it can take a 20" piece of wood down to a minimum of 1/32" (0.031 or 0.8mm) which is way thinner than would be needed for a top and is almost hard to believe. But I think that figure is with the ideal wood. Results may vary as they say. I say buy it Ken and report back.
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