Thickness planer

For years I would resaw on my bandsaw (1960s vintage Delta with riser block) and then thin the stock with a Safe-T-Planer in my drill press. You’ll find plenty on the Safe-T-Planer in other threads on this forum and videos on line. Now I resaw on the bandsaw and thickness on a 10-20 sander.
thanks. right now i have the worlds smallest grizzly bandsaw, maybe it’s time to upgrade that.

so you’re saying on your bandsaw you’re able to resaw a 1/4” thick plate accurately enough to then pass it through the drum sander after.
If I’m resawing any piece of lumber, the last piece is usually an odd piece, unless I measure the cuts and divide to the exact thickness of the board, which I don’t. Any offcuts (read: thin pieces) go into my veneer/inlay pile.
With a Lenox Trimaster, I set my cut to about .125” (or less, but not less than .100”). My go-to is usually a Woodmaster CT, and I try to land at .125”. I can go way thinner, but I still need to have some gluing surface.

Side note: I like your bridge design; reminds me of someone. . .

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