Thin Kerf Table Saw Blade

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Feb 14, 2008
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Big Island, Hawaii
My precision re sawyer turned me onto to to this Tenryu 1/16" kerf saw blade (shown with optional stiffener) that goes nicely with my new zero clearance insert. I initially bought it for making bindings and kerfings but I like it so much I leave it mounted for all my general lutherie work. I don't know why it took so long to make this upgrade. (I bought all through Amazon.)


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Thanks Chuck,
THANKS for this - I was just about to go blade shopping and hadn't heard of these.

I'm getting confused in the Amazon and Tenryu websites with all the choices.
Looks like yours is 7-1/4 inch - can you tell me what's the blade number?

Thank you,
Mark V. in Juneau
It's a TTenryu SL-18552 7-1/4" Carbide Tipped Saw Blade ( 52 Tooth ATAF Grind - 5/8"Ko Arbor - 0.063 Kerf) Here's where I bought it:

They recommend a stiffener for these thin kerfed blades. I ran it without it and it worked fine. I bought one anyway:

I wanted a zero clearance insert dedicated just for this blade. You can make a suitable one yourself from plywood but I got lazy and bought this. One size does NOT fit all however (mine is for an old Craftsman) so you are better off going to the Leecraft website and looking up your table saw model number to find the correct insert.
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